Monday, May 22, 2017

Bat Inspection in NJ

Bats. They’re one of the most popular pests in popular culture. But while they might famously be a symbol of fear, in a lot of ways, it’s beneficial to have bats in your neighborhood. Believe it or not, bats  actually eat other, smaller pests that are actually more dangerous and destructive than they are. However, they’re still wild animals and it’s not good for you or for them to have them living in your house.

You shouldn’t have to tolerate bats in your home, but thanks to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, your pest elimination company can’t get rid of them between the months of May and August and can’t remove brown bats between October 16th and March 31st because bats are protected species. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t call your pest experts to perform a bat inspection in NJ.

One of the telltale signs that bats are in your house is guano (bat droppings), which look a lot like mouse droppings and collect in piles beneath their roosts. But otherwise it’s difficult to tell for sure if there are simply bats in your neighborhood or bats actually roosting in your home. In such a circumstance, you should call a pest control professional to inspect your home for bats.

It’s important to know that it illegal to remove bats yourself or to poison them. Fly traps and glue traps are a similarly bad idea. Alco Animal and Pest Control has extensive experience performing legal and safe bat inspection in NJ.

If you are concerned that you have bats in your home and you need a professional to find them and, during the right time of year, remove them, call Alco Animal and Pest Control for a bat inspection in NJ at (862)220-5297

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bee Control in NJ

Your home is your nesting place. It is one of the most valuable assets you have and so you need to take good care of it. Pest infestation is the number one problem that could affect your home and of all pests, Bees can be very annoying and if you notice their presence, then you should immediately take bee control actions. Unlike many people who take bee infestation for granted; do not ignore bee infestation. Bees are annoying and they can even cause painful bites. Bee control should be taken seriously so that bees will not thrive inside your home and garden place. Some people try to manage the problem on their own as one way of saving money. However, you need to understand that lack of knowledge and skills on how to intrude and eliminate these pests can cause you too much trouble when they attack back in swarms. At Alco Animal & Pest Control we have many bee control experts who are licences, knowledgeable, and who have protective gear for bee control in NJ

Bee Control in NJ 
Bee infestations can become quite a serious concern if they happen to be in a residential area. Infestations of this type are also very challenging and require a lot of expertise, knowledge, and equipment to get rid of. If your residence or workplace is infested with bees, it would be better to let our professional bee control company handle it. Live bee removal is considered to be very effective but is quite dangerous too. The best way of undertaking removal of live bees for getting rid of bee infestation in a residential or commercial building is to allow professionals to handle the job. You need not be told that Bee colonies and wasps can be a hazard to homes, especially those with small children. Homeowners that see bees coming and going, likely have a colony which will continue to grow should they not take care of it. Colonies are permanent and the bees are very protective of their colony, and it should be taken care of as soon as possible.

If your bees happen to be in a wall, then you definitely do not want to remove them yourself. Proper equipment and experience is essential. Bees in walls are very difficult to get rid of as they are inside a cavity and getting the material to exterminate the bees into the cavity can be difficult. Holes may need to be drilled in the wall to inject insecticide. There's much more to just killing the, as well. The homeowner has the dead bees, larvae wax combs and honey to deal with as well. All must be removed, and rotting bees smell terrible; reasons why you need our professional bee control in NJ. Like earlier said, Bee removal is a dangerous process. As a homeowner, attempting the removal or control of bees is such a very dangerous task to embark on because bee control requires extreme care. Bees should be dealt with as soon as you notice them and a bee control company is your best bet. Bee control should be left to the experts. Attacking a bee colony without the proper clothing, equipment, chemical and safety knowledge is one of the most dangerous DIY jobs you do not want to take on. 

Bee Control in NJ 
Another benefit of going with us at Alco Animals & Pest Control that we have all the equipment that is necessary for finding the exact place of bee infestation. They have miniature cameras and laser thermometers for pin pointing the location of bee hives and then remove it. Once the bee hive has been successfully removed, we take all the required steps to prevent any re-occurrence of the infestation in the future. We also help in removing traces of chemical pheromone from the bees. A heat gun is also used by professional bee control agencies for melting and completely removing wax for preventing re-occurrence of bee infestation

Bee infestation will not only harm you, but as well as the wall structure of your home; if they thrive on it. It is therefore recommended to call on professionals that have the expertise to perform the job correctly, and to get rid of the problem so that it does not reoccur as well as saving you a lot of time and save you from getting stung by the bees.

For more information about bee control in NJ or for more information about Alco Animal & Pest Control please call us today at (862)220-5297. One of our professionals in pest and animal control will be happy to speak to you.