Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Raccoon Removal in NJ

As the winter months approach, many of our furry friends will want to hibernate and take shelter somewhere warm. This includes the less cuddly - raccoon. Racoon Removal in NJ can be a necessary service when owning a home. 

Raccoons are smart and pesky creatures. You have either had your own garbage or your neighbors toppled down by raccoons, leaving a mess on your lawn. Now, imagine this type of mess inside your home. 

ALCO NJ Animal & Pest Control
Most raccoons will take residence inside an attic. The average raccoon weighs about 25-30 lbs, and can easily trample and compress your attic's insulation by simply walking around on it. Pregnant female raccoons that are looking for a nesting place will clear large areas of the attic to nurse their young. They love the dark, quiet corners in attics, basements and crawl spaces found in houses, sheds, and barns through out New Jersey. A mother will do anything possible to protect her newborn kits including producing a loud sharp screech followed by bites and scratches to any human or other animal such as a cat or dog who get too close to her nest. This is the most recognized animal in North America and it gets its name from the Indian word "arakun", which means "scratches with its hands." 

An even scarier thought for any home owner is that many raccoons will use your attic as a litter box. These problems are multiplied when as many as eight babies are born and raised just inches above your ceiling. 

They have also been known to carry roundworm, which is transmitted to humans through ingestion and inhalation of eggs passed in their feces. They can also carry rabies. While preyed upon by foxes, bobcats, coyotes and owls, the common raccoon is more frequently killed by cars and disease. It can often be rabid without showing any outward symptoms of the viral disease. Due to the public's fascination with this native New Jersey animal, rabies has become an even greater a threat than it was previously. Not only can it carry (and spread) the rabies virus; the female can actually pass the virus to her unborn kits in utero.

To reduce your family's risk of infection and return your attic to it's proper condition, Call ALCO NJ Animal & Pest Control today at (973)-540-9944 or (201)-261-7566 for same-day pest control and raccoon removal in Hudson County services