Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stink Bug!

What is a stink bug?
Stink bugs are considered to be agricultural pest insects that are reproducing and traveling at alarming rates.  They reproduce large populations and usually reside in warm places, like homes.  Stink bugs are enemies for croppers because they damage crop population, suck out the plant juices, and ultimately are resistant to most pesticides making them virtually terrors. 
Although they are hated by many they do serve a purpose.  One of the major benefits of a stink bug is that it is a predator for other unwanted insects, such as, Mexican Bean Beetles, Japanese Beetles, and many others. 
What does a stink bug look like?

A stink bug generally is shield-shaped and at adult size is usually an inch.  They are different shades of brown throughout its body surfaces, and bluish metallic punctures of color located on the head.  Stink bugs have antennae as well as wings. 
Why is it called a stink bug?
It is called a stink bug because of the odor it emits.  When a stink bug is disturbed, feels threatened, or is crushed it ejects a very foul odor that smells similar to a skunk's scent. 
“It’s an incredible hitchhiker.” “The adults are moving and looking for places to spend the winter,” said Tracy Leskey
Are you ready for a new roommate?  Well, if not, be prepared to take action because winter is here and our little unwanted stink bugs are looking for warm homes to shack up in.  Call ALCO NJ Pest Control today! 
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The Dangers of Squirrels

They’re furry, soft and cute as can be, but make no mistake about it a squirrel is not to be confused for a household pet. Although they co-inhabit our living spaces and are constantly crossing our paths, it does not mean that they are friendly animals. First and foremost, attempting to feed a squirrel is strongly discouraged as they often miss the mark of where the food ends and the human finger begins- hence making their bites extremely painful due to their sharp and hook type teeth. However when it is out of your control, such as inhabiting your attic- it becomes even more dangerous for many reasons, two of which are: 

1) Causing a fire should they reach the electrical wires. Primarily known for their big teeth, squirrels are big chewers and they don’t discriminate what is chewed.

2) Although they invade your attic, it does not necessarily mean they will stay in the attic. Therefore they could end up in your living room and attack if they feel threatened.

Ultimately, the best way to eradicate squirrels from your home is to trap them. However, trapping should be conducted by professional animal removers who can handle it efficiently and safely.

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