Friday, December 18, 2015

Animal Removal in NJ

At Alco Animal Control, our humane animal removal in NJ will leave your home animal-free, while taking measures to ensure that once they are gone - they remain gone. Our professional animal removal in New Jersey uses industry standard equipment and leading methods to keep your family safe while mindful of the lives of animals. Once removed, Alco Animal Control relocates the animals we capture to a more suitable environment far from your home.

The world is full of amazing, gorgeous, diverse animal life. Some of these species are incredible to behold, either in nature or close to your home. Some of these animals provide a great benefit for the world around us. And others still are mere pests, hoping to invade our personal space. When animals get the better of your home, there’s only one name you need concern yourself with to get the problem under control.

Look around you. All over the world, you'll see animals living together. Birds and squirrels in the same field, searching for the same type of food. Even cats and dogs get along under the right conditions in nature. What the animals who come into your home expect is the same type of partnership. They eat from your scraps, take comfort in your warmth, and have a steady source reliable life with you as the provider.

It all sounds swell, right? Wrong. Nobody signed up for an invasive species coming into their home and making themselves a permanent guest. These animals can enter for any variety of reasons, and it doesn’t necessarily mean your home is dirty. What it may mean instead, is that your home is vulnerable to outside entry.  We not only perform animal removal in NJ on these species from your home, we’ll also take preventative measures to ensure they do not return.

Your home is your property. We’ve imagined animals working together in the wild, but have you ever seen a squirrel sleeping in a bird’s nest? Or a cat running with a pack of dogs? Working together is great, even in nature, but a line must be drawn somewhere. Your home is no different. This is the line you’ve drawn between yourself and your family and the world outside. Don’t let animals from outside come in and invade. Show them you mean business and call for expert animal removal in New Jersey you can rely on.

We provide humane and affordable animal removal in NJ for the following animals:
...and many more. Alco Animal Control is experienced with many types of animals, and we understand that most times, they are just frightened by human contact. Our knowledge and passion to protect animals of all kinds means that we'll make sure that our professional animal control in New Jersey removes and relocates animals in your home with minimal interference to your life.

For more information about our expert animal removal in NJ, contact Alco Animal Control at (973) 540-9944.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Exterminator in NJ

For over 20 years, Alco Pest Control has removed unwanted guests from homes and offices with our professional exterminator in NJ. We use industry standard equipment, products that are safe for you, and prompt methods that ensure your home will be bug-free without delay. Our expert exterminator in New Jersey has experience with many varieties of bugs both native and foreign to NJ, using their knowledge to remove infestations from your home and restoring your quality of living. 

Your home is just that, a home for you and your family. And that’s how it should stay. Unwanted guests can be a nuisance. Especially when those guests can’t take a hint and know when it’s time for them to leave. Pests are the guest that never gets the hint. They stick around and even hide from you if they see you coming. When animals invade your home, you need to get them out quickly before they cause damage or grow in such a large number you can’t handle the problem easily. That is why you need an exterminator in NJ who knows all of the tricks of the trade, and all of the ways vermin will tuck and cover.

Mice are the animal you think of most commonly when pests come to mind. Mice, rats, and their rodent cousins are among the most invasive species on the planet. These tiny scavengers need very little to survive. They know how to get by on what they find, and they are experts at finding food in even the most disgusting of areas. And they know how to evade capture. In the wild, these rodents evade large predators on the daily. Dealing with you is no problem for them. But when they see our professional exterminator in New Jersey, they know it’s time to move on to another pasture.

Not only mice, however. Crawlers of all types can enter the home. This includes:
When you call our affordable exterminator in NJ for a free estimate, we will look for the nuisance in your home and how to ensure that once your bug problem is safely removed, they remain removed. We are experts in the total removal of bugs, and the humane removal of larger rodents like squirrels, skunks, possums, raccoons, and more. No matter what species of animal it is, large or small, one or many, Alco Pest Control's experienced exterminator in New Jersey will get it out of your home. Our exterminator in NJ is the bouncer for your home, removing all unwanted guests for good. Call us when you need help tackling a pest or animal problem.

For more information about our exterminator in NJ, call Alco Pest Control at (973) 540-9944.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pest Control New Jersey

Have you noticed a roach in your home? You need to call Alco Pest Control for professional pest control in New Jersey. You know that if you found one, there are many more you have not located. Cockroaches are not only disgusting creatures, they are filthy and live among garbage. This does not mean your home is dirty. It simply means these scavengers smelled their way to an easily accessible meal. Alco Animal and Pest Control has years of experience removing pests from homes throughout New Jersey without delay. Our expert methods and years of dedicated service have made us a trusted provider of pest control in NJ, restoring order and peace-of-mind in your home. We use products that are safe for you and look for pest's entry and exit points, removing them to ensure that once Alco Pest Control removes them from your home - they stay gone.

While you wait for your expert pest control in New Jersey team to arrive at your home, take the time to read the following facts about cockroaches we’ve arranged for your benefit.

Before we get into their negative features, let us give you one positive aspect of roaches in the environment. These natural scavengers are adept at helping certain compounds and materials to decompose. That’s one good quality. We’d be pressed to find you another.

Anybody who’s experienced a roach infestation can tell you that these creatures emit a nasty smell from their bodies. Many roaches also produce certain sounds. There are hissing roaches, but more commonly, you’ll be annoyed by the sound their scurrying makes as they pass through your dwellings.

Roaches carry with them all sorts of diseases. Because they live among garbage, they are by their nature unclean. They dwell at garbage deposits and landfills outdoors. Inside, they will find their home in the kitchen or bathroom. This means they will be around raw meat and human waste. They’ll eat anything, and then bring their leftovers to you. Our professional pest control in New Jersey removes these unhygenic nuisances before they cause damage or illness.

Roaches are nocturnal animals. You may be then wondering why you saw a roach pass by you during the day. It is likely that the rest of his family is sleeping somewhere within the walls or under the home, and there’s not enough space for your current guest. If you’ve seen one during the day, it is likely you have a serious infestation. Our affordable pest control in NJ provides free estimates to determine how serious of an infestation you are dealing with, and come up with strategies to remove the problem from your home.

But do not fret. We make our way in the world knowing we can remove any and all pests from your home. Leave the roaches to us, and we’ll free your home of this unwanted guest.

Along with roaches, we are experienced in removing many varieties of pests, including:
For more information about our expert pest control in New Jersey, call Alco Pest Control at (973) 540-9944.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Mice Exterminator NJ

Are you looking for a mice exterminator NJ? The professionals at ALCO Pest Control use products safe for your family and pets, while ridding your home of destructive mice. Our methods ensure that mice are not only removed from your home or office, but that preventative measures are put in place to keep them out. Mice scurrying around your home is one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can find as a homeowner. Not only do you feel helpless, you have no way of knowing the extent of the situation. You don’t know if you have one mouse or an entire extended family living somewhere within your walls, attic, or basement. Mice and other rodents are the most common invasive species here in North America. And the sight of a mouse is enough to send even the bravest person ducking for cover.

Forgo the temporary or unreliable solutions. Mouse traps only work for one mouse at a time, they leave a disgusting trail of dead mice in their wake, and don’t prevent the infestation from growing. This only works if you have one mouse, and even still there are risks to setting up traps that you’d be best to avoid. Our expert mice exterminator NJ has experience in all situations, from large scale invasions to a solitary mouse looking for comfort and food. We have the expertise to inspect your home, look for weaknesses, and implement the proper plan to get the mice out, and out for good.

Rodents are particularly invasive because of their elusiveness. Aside from being incredibly fast, these animals are crafty and know how to avoid capture and general detection. You may hear the scurrying, and by the time you look, there’s no mouse to be found. If you see the mouse, that’s an entirely different situation. Yet even then, you have no idea where he’s going or why. Scavengers such as mice and rats make their way in the world evading large predators, and they’ll run circles around you the way they do cats and foxes in the wild. Don’t let a mouse play you for a fool. Call our affordable mice exterminator NJ, who understands how these creatures think and know how to rid them from your home.

ALCO Pest Control is committed to your satisfaction, and utilizes industry standard products and equipment, combined with our years of experience to get rid of mice in your home. When you are looking for a professional mice exterminator NJ, trust ALCO Pest Control to perform the job without delay. 

Our mice exterminator NJ is available to the following counties:

For more information about our mice exterminator NJ, call ALCO Pest Control at (973) 540-9944.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Squirrel Removal NJ

It’s true, squirrels are everywhere. You probably cross paths with several squirrels every day. So it’s more than likely you have some of these critters trying to take residence in your home. Don’t worry, we know how to handle and care for them in the best possible way with professional squirrel removal NJ. At Alco Animal & Pest Control, our professionals have years of experience chasing these critters down and placing them back in their environment. We use humane methods to capture and release squirrels back into the wild, away from your home while offering methods on how to prevent their unwanted return. We are committed to your safety, as well as the safety of our bushy-tailed friends.

Squirrels tend to take shelter in homes and buildings when the weather is rough or begins to get cooler. They’ll chew through the outside of your home or building and make their home in attics and crawl spaces. If you’re suspicious of a squirrel infiltration it’s best to contact us for squirrel removal NJ as soon as possible. When these creatures take up shelter in your building this can lead to all sorts of expensive damages. They tend to chew electrical wires, create all sorts of holes that can cause weather/water damage. Also, they can leave homes exposed to things that can cause fires and a list of other damages.

We seek out how these squirrels are entering your building, and deal with them in the most practical, efficient way possible. It’s best to call us for removal before serious damages occur. Squirrels also carry a variety of diseases that can be harmful to the health of you, your family, friends or coworkers. We take it upon ourselves to handle these creatures in the best, safest possible way. It’s best not to take it into your own hands and lay down traps and harmful poisons around your building. We take care of the building and the squirrels when we go in to perform squirrel removal NJ. They are looking for a place to eat, and sleep and protect themselves and their offspring from the elements. That’s all they want. So we remove them in a humane way that’s safe for the creature, and we place them somewhere where they’ll be safe and away from hazardous circumstances.

Not only are these infiltrations harmful to you and your building, but the local wildlife as well. Problems that go undealt with can lead to really severe issues. Like fires caused by frayed wires and cables which can destroy homes, buildings and spread. So call us to help remove these creatures from your place of residence or building with humane squirrel removal NJ. We’ll be happy to deal with them, and help you protect your building from infiltration in the future. The sooner they’re removed the more money you can save on expensive repairs and prevent potential medical issues. Let us help you, and your circumstance while remaining safe to you and the creatures involved. 

We serve the following counties with squirrel removal NJ:

Squirrel Removal Union County, NJ

For more informationa about our squirrel removal NJ methods, contact Alco Animal & Pest Control today at (973) 540-9944.