Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bat Removal in NJ (Bats do not give you superpowers)

Bats are similar to humans in the sense that we are both mammals, have hair, give birth to living young and nurture their young using mammary glands. It is possible that this is the reason why Bats have always had a special place in how we personify them. Bats are often personified as supernatural creatures that posses superpowers. One type of bat turns you into a vampire while the other makes you a superhero.This, of course, is based purely on fantasy and Bat Removal in NJ is something that should not be played around with. It is true that Bats in NJ are more often than not gentle creatures that care more about consuming insects than anything else. It is when these bats feel threatened or feel that their pups are in danger is when their more aggressive nature comes out. Bats have been known to screech, scratch and even bite. Bat bites do not give you any super powers and its a one way trip to the hospital. Luckily, there is Animal Control in NJ that understands this and provides complete Bat Removal Services in NJ. ALCO NJ Animal and Pest Control prides itself in using safe and humane methods when removing and controlling flying bats. If you believe that there is a bat in your house please contact us immediately. We will arrive to the site and asses the situation. If we do find that there is bat problem, we will work with you to formulate a plan that will result in the immediate and safe removal of the bat. For any inquires regarding bat or other animal control services do not hesitate to call: (201) 261-7566! 

Carpenter Ants in your Pants (and how to get rid of them!)

You're fumbling with your keys in the morning, in a rush to get to work, and accidentally drop them behind your kitchen stove. You curse under your breath and lower yourself to move the stove, only to find a large pile of ants swarming in a hole-in-the-wall. Although only an example, many NJ residents deal with Carpenter ants in situations similar to this. If you or someone you know is dealing with Carpenter ants, NJ Alco Animal and Pest Control is the place to go for your NJ carpenter ant control needs.

Carpenter ants are usually 3/8 - 1/2 inch in size and are usually identified by their stray sawdust-like droppings around their hill or nest. If you notice large amounts of ants in your home, it is imperative to consult with a pest control professional to assess the situation. With the number of carpenter ant infestations becoming more and more common, Alco pest control's NJ carpenter ant treatment specialists take the utmost care to inspect and look for the ant nest in question. Typically, our services include drilling holes to section off problem areas and treat specific places, while spraying insecticide on less-troubled parts of the nest. We will consult with you and discuss the removal and treatment process as it applies to your specific situation, and what effects it will have on your home.

So if you think you have a carpenter ant infestation, remember that NJ Alco Pest and Animal Control is your one-stop place for NJ Carpenter ant removal. Speak to a representative today by dialing (973)-540-9944 or (201)-261-7566. We here at NJ Alco Pest and Animal Control deal with many different kinds of NJ pest control, in addition to Carpenter ants, so if you have any other issues feel free to call us for more information!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dealing With Bed Bugs in NJ

Do you wake up each morning with bites on your body that were not there before you went to sleep? Do you see small, fast-moving bugs on your bed? If so, you may have a Bed Bug infestation. Alco Animal & Pest Control can help you deal with what may be bed bugs.

Bed bugs are distinguished as being small, round bugs that are only 1/4 inch long.  Newly hatched bed bugs, named nymphs, resemble their adult counterparts but are much smaller and lighter in color. The eggs that bed bugs lay are very small and are extremely hard to see without magnification, often the size of a speck of dust. 

If you think you are experiencing Bed Bugs in NJ, make sure to take a sample of a bug with you to a qualified professional to confirm that you are indeed plagued with bed bugs. They typically remain hidden for most of the day within the box or springs of your mattress and only come out right before dawn where they climb the walls and jump down upon feeling a heatwave. If you have in fact confirmed that your bed is infested with bed bugs there are a few things to be mindful of: 
  • - If you are throwing it out a mattress with bed bugs, make sure to label on the mattress that it has bed bugs so to prevent the spread of bed bugs to others. 
  • - Bed bugs in NJ can live from a year to 18 months without feeding but usually feed every 5-10 days. 
  • - You can only be confident that you have rid yourself of a bed bug infestation after 60 days without having a bed bug bite.
For more information, please call Alco Animal & Pest Control  at (973)-540-9944 to speak to a representative or (201)-261-7566 for same-day pest control in NJ.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flea Removal in NJ

The most commonly known insect that invades many homes are fleas. These hitchhiking bugs traveling from one host to another feasting on blood and nesting deep in hair roots or animal fur.   If you own a pet the chances of fleas in your home are high, since fleas prey on cats, dogs, and anything with fur. NJ Flea removal is highly recommended because fleas jump as high as 5 feet in less than 3 seconds which causes infestation rapidly. At home NJ flea removals do not always work since fleas are small and fast, a trained professional must removal and decontaminate flea infested areas. Alco Pest Control specializes in NJ flea removal by understanding the make, behavior and biology. Then immediately treat infested areas and surrounding locations, which minimizing the chances of flea infestation.

We understand all types of fleas and the nesting/breeding areas, which we target immediately. Alco Pest Control provides highly trained professional that target every pest in sight with humane solutions and pesticides. Ensuring the safety of your family and pets. Many pet owners minimizing the concern of fleas on pets.  Bathing will not completely remove fleas only minizine the amount, leaving remaining fleas to repopulate.  Not only do fleas travel from host to host but also nest in furniture, carpets and curtains.  Fleas are tiny to the naked eye but extremely noxious. Spreading dangerous germs that can cause your pet to be ill, along with individuals if you touch your pet then your eyes or mouth.  Eliminate the harm in your house and contact a professional NJ flea removal specialist to ensure the safety of your pets, family and home.

At Alco Pest Control we understand the demand to remove these infected insects, this is why we offer affordable high quality flea removal and animal control in NJ. Contact NJ Pest Control and receive a free inspection along with a free estimate 973-540-9944. With the mere mention of Alco Pest Control fleas will surely flee.

NJ Bedbug Removal

Bedbugs has caused a major infestation in New Jersey causing the bedbug population to continuously  increase. Bed bugs are quick small in size but very visible to the naked eye, however bed bugs eggs/larvae are camouflaged to the mattress. In many cases bedbug eggs resemble dust and dirt particles or grains of rice. These pesky pest bear resemblance to many common household items which leave a indulivald to not kill them on contact. With the bedbug evolution bugs are becoming harder to kill since they have a higher tolerance for pesticides. This is why a professional exterminator is highly recommended. NJ Pest control specializes in NJ bed bug removal and larvae removal before infestation progresses.  We have powerful pesticides that no bedbug can tolerate causing instant termination.

Bedbugs bite and suck blood from individuals to feast when you are sleeping. If you wake up with unknown bug bites and red spotted marks, contact a pest control service immediately. We offer the most efficient humane pesticides and animal removal  to ensure the safety of families and animals. Our expert exterminators are highly knowledgeable in the NJ bed bug removal, by understanding the behavior and biology. Our pest control professional are always equipped with top-notch technology ensuring the removal and prevention of bugs.

Bed Bugs removal in Hudson County has been a prime area where we eliminated the most populated infestation. If you suspect you have a bug bug infestation or wake up to unknown bites. Contact Alco Pest Control NJ, for a free pest and rodent inspection and a free estimate. We guarantee same day inspection and removal, while preventing any more bedbugs.  Call today to removal and prevent anymore pest and rodents 973-540-9944.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NJ Wasp Removal

The dangers of wasp roaming New Jersey areas are increasing daily, causes many residents to get ill and suffer from painful afflictions.  Due to the population of wasp in Hudson County many residents restricted the outdoor activities, in fear of encountering wasps and wasp nest.  These insects are very dangerous to people since unlike bees, wasp are able to continuous sting a prey.  In some occasions wasp are known to put down a horse. Do not let these dangerous insects restrict you from enjoying your yard. Alco Pest Control will not tolerate any wasp dominating your yard. We are highly specialized in removing all wasp the same day.

Wasps only travel in colonies which dramatically increase wasp population, which can be harmful to residents. Wasp are able to curves there abdomen and eject their stingers while they dart to attack.  With their venom spurring into your skin, it will be extremely painful and in some cases lead to death. With thousands of recorded wasp death from unknown allergic reactions, wasp has now infected fear in many residents.  Here at Alco Pest Control take pride in eliminating wasps in hudson county and all throughout New Jersey. Wasp nest can not be removed from individual because wasp will surely attack in swarm resulting in painful affliction, swelling, and in some cases death. Let Alco professional tackle this dangerous task, with affordable prices, expert exterminators, and same day NJ wasp removal.  With services such as these, wasp are already out the picture.

Alco Pest Control is the leading animal control service, that provides humane removal and pesticides.  Always using top of the line insect and animal technology, along with top expert exterminators that understand the behavior and biology of wasp.  WIth a free inspection, all Alco Pest Control will protect, prevent and removal from the core of the infestation and surrounding areas. With safety being our top priority animals and insects are removed safely and homeowners are extremely satisfied. Let New Jersey residents rest in the care of Alco Pest Control and let professional tackle the NJ wasp removal. Do not take a chance with these dangerous and unpredicted creatures.  Contact Alco Pest Control and speak to a insect and animal expert and schedule a free inspection. 973-540-9944

Friday, May 4, 2012

NJ Termite Removal

Termite season is here, and these pesky insects has caused major damage for NJ residents. Many people are inattentive to termites since they are easily mistaken as winged ants. With this simple mistake of not contacting a NJ pest control, it may cost homeowner hundreds for wood repair. With termites feasting wood foundation 24 hours a day, wood damaged can be extensive and contribute to weak and fable structure. It is highly recommended to contact an exterminator if you notice winged insects in your premises.  HIgh chances they are termites, with Alco Pest Control services we offer free insect and rodent inspection.  With this special offer provided there is no risk in contacting a NJ pest control you will only see results.
At Alco Pest Control we provide same day services, along with 24/7 convenience to ensure the safety of your home's foundation. All exterminators are highly knowledgeable on all termite behavior and biology to properly eliminate and prevent infestation. Termites resemble winged ants, do not take a chance on these small but damageable insects. Contact a professional exterminator before potential damage occurs or continues. We always work hand and hand with top-notch technology to eliminate every insect on the premises. 

Termites are extremely dangerous to house foundation and can only be detected with proper insect equipment. Termites nest and thrive in moist environments this is why Alco Pest Control uses Moisture Meters to detect moisture in wood and potential termites nesting. A probing tool is recommended to locate wood damage and potential feasting areas. Also a infrared camera which works as an extra pair of eyes, and is used to actually look for termites behind wood frames.  With these high-tech equipment termite removal and prevention is done in no time.  not only do we inspect houses foundation but we also treat and prevent in surrounding areas of your home.  With affordable termite removal and NJ pest control we ensure insects will be a thing of the past.  Protect your home for potential damage and receive a free inspection and analyze today and save money in the long run. Contact Alco Pest Control and receive free insect inspection and affordable competitive prices.

NJ Pest Control

With the warmer weather finally here everyone has been enjoying backyard BBQs, even the pesky ants. With the aroma of delicious meals attracting people, NJ carpenter ants are other visitors who come from hiding and feast on everything edible.  Whether you are enjoying sweets, salty snacks, dinner or even drinks, ants are around the area waiting. The moment you witness a ant hill, a swarm of ants, or even ants near your house contact a professional to properly eliminate all ants. Alco Pest Control is New Jersey’s top NJ animal control, that offers affordable services, expert pest exterminators, and professional customer services. With services in Hudson County, Jersey City, Bayonne, Union City and throughout New Jersey, all pests will flee before we get to the premises.

Carpenter ants roam the yard till they locate an ideal food host.  If ants do not located any food, they will merge to house looking for a source.  Ants are harmless yet are very annoying, they always colonizing which multiplies the ants and potentially attract other types of pests.  Don't let these pesky ants ruin your backyard fun.  Contact Alco Pest Control and eliminate all ants and any other pests. We provide same day services to ensure the ants and animal removal  is fully applied.  We will immediately treat, protect and prevent against other pest infestation. With free expert inspection and analyze you are already in the right direction to fully removing any pest and rodent. With services all over Hudson County, Jersey City, Union City and throughout New Jersey no pest or rodent will go unnoticed. Here at Alco NJ Pest Control we understand the demand for pest removal yet we also sympathy with animals. This is why we also provide safe, Eco-friendly and humane solutions to ensure the well being of living creatures, yet guarantee they are fully removed. There is no pest or rodent we can not handle, contact us today and speak to a expert exterminator 973-540-9944.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NJ Bedbugs Removal

Recent studies show a major increase in bed bugs in the East Coast, primary in New Jersey. Hudson County pest control has been the ideal animal and insect removal for years, especially since bedbugs in Hudson County have been spotted.  With pesky bed bugs traveling state to state many people have witness actual bed bugs in their home.  At this point it is highly recommended to hire a professional to tackle the infestation before it gets worse.  Alco Pest Control is New Jersey’s top pest control services with low affordable prices.  Along with a free inspection and analysis from Alco pest experts you are already stepping in the right direction.

With top professionals on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week no bug or rodent will go unseen. We provide humane removals and eco-friendly pesticides, all rodents and pest are eliminated in the safest natural way. Customers satisfaction is our goal, ensuring all removal is fully guaranteed.  Bedbugs are usually hard to detect since these pesky bugs hid in warm dark places. Ideally in mattress and box springs, with bug bites not felt till minutes or hours later.  People can be inattentive to the bugs especially since they hide so well. This is why it is ideal to have a professional NJ pest control inspect, treat, and prevent all bedbugs in Hudson County and throughout New Jersey.  With affordable prices, free inspection, licensed experts, humane resolution, and top customer services Alco Pest Control is New Jersey ideal pest and rodent removal. Contact a professional exterminator and receive same day services visit our website http://www.njpest.com or call our speacilist (973)540-9944