Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Raccoon Control in NJ

Raccoons are beautiful and intelligent creatures that live in forested areas as their natural habitat. The trouble with raccoons is that they sometimes find their way into homes to access easy food and warm shelter. Raccoons love to live in attics as it offers a perfect warm place for having babies. Once a raccoon finds its way to your home, especially in New Jersey, you need to call our professionals at ALCO Animal & Pest Control for raccoon control in NJ. This is because raccoons are highly intelligent, resourceful and will always find ways to avoid being captured if you don’t know how to capture them. Here are three reasons why you need to hire a professional to remove a raccoon  from your property:

Raccoon repellents rarely work
Raccoon Control in NJ 
Trying to chase raccoons using raccoon repellents is useless. Raccoon repellents rarely work because raccoons won’t go away. Instead, if you are trying to chase them away using the repellents, the raccoon will probably squirt at the smell and then go back to doing what it does best. Some companies sell other repellents like a fox or coyote urine claiming raccoons are afraid of these animals, but the method doesn’t work.

Raccoons can be aggressive
Raccoons, when cornered, can turn out to be very aggressive, especially if it’s a female with pups. They will target a garbage bin, and spill and scatter the garbage everywhere on the property. Raccoons can also enter your kitchen through different openings including the window and attack your pets and children if they are threatened. ALCO Animal & Pest Control's professional raccoon removers have special skills, years of experience, and the right tools for safe removal of the animals.

Raccoons spread rabies
Trying a DIY raccoon removal can be very dangerous as raccoons carry diseases including rabies. Once they feel threatened, raccoons can bite and give you rabies, an extremely painful and ultimately fatal disease. If it bites you or your pet in the process of trapping or chasing it away, visit the doctor as quickly as possible and take the pet to a veterinarian. Because of the risk of being bitten, raccoon removal in best left to our professionals.

After removal, the raccoon is released somewhere it can survive with the pups. This is why you need to entrust raccoon removal service to the professional. In some places, the law also requires you to do so.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bed bug Control NJ

Many people do not enjoy a rested sleep due to itching at night which may be caused by bed bugs. Others wake to find that they have red spots or bites on their legs from being bitten the night before. Bed bugs are parasites that like warm blooded mammals as they feed on blood. There is hope for peaceful sleep and a healthier body when you consult us at ALCO Animal & Pest Control for bed bug control in NJ

Bed bug Control NJ
Bed bugs are small, flat reddish brown insects that feed on the blood of people and animals. They feed on their hosts when the hosts are asleep, hence the name bed bugs. The sudden prevalence of these wingless creatures has brought up actions towards bed bug control and just because they are named bed bugs doesn't necessarily mean that they are only found near beds or places where people or animals sleep. For proper bed bug control, other areas of the house must be inspected as well. Bed bugs also are present in chairs, upholstery, furniture, and also in small, dark, protected spaces. Some pests just like bed bugs are very difficult to control for the average person; for this reason it is in you best interest to call one of our professionals for bed bug control in NJ

Like you probably must have heard, bugs infest a house because they were brought there, usually by visitors, from second hand furniture bought at a garage sale, or even by the owners themselves after coming from a bug infested place. To know if there are bed bugs present in a house, look in any dark and isolated place. Bed bugs are known to stay around 8 feet of its victims. One known sign that bed bugs are around are the dark spots they leave. These dark spots are fecal matter of bugs that can easily be spotted. Bite marks present on the face, neck, arms, hands or legs are a sure sign of bug infestation. Once a person starts showing signs of bites from these pests, it's best to prepare or consult a professional for bug control. Bed bug is a very difficult pest to control, but not for our experts, we have all received excellent training and are licensed to work in our field. 

Bed bug Control NJ 
It is of course very wise to contact professionals to help you control and eradicate bugs since we have a myriad of methods and equipment for helping you rid of these insects. When you hire our professionals at ALCO Animal & Pest Control, they will thoroughly inspect your home, find the places where they can survive and plan a treatment method for controlling the growth of these vermin. After the detailed inspection of your house is carried out; they will start the treatment with insecticides that are especially intended for eradicating bugs. Never try to use bug spray or insecticides on your own, as these can be hazardous to heal if used unsupervised. Professional pest controllers know exactly how to get rid of bugs by using insecticides.

Our pest control professionals have several years of experience with special training and certifications in pest control services. Therefore, they provide a safe and sound treatment for controlling bug infestations. They use chemicals and home pesticides inside the house to eradicate unwanted infestations of bugs. They also use heat treatment for pest control as bugs can quickly colonize on your bed and other places. Pest controllers will use special bed bug heat treatment equipment to assure quick and complete eradication of bugs. We can exterminate any type of bug by using effective and safe bed bug control treatment methods.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Squirrel Control in NJ

Squirrels look all nice and chirpy when they are harmlessly playing in the garden or park but they can be a problem if they enter into your house or building and make themselves feel at home. Once they enter your home, or begin to damage part of it, squirrel control in NJ becomes a necessity. Today we at ALCO Animal Pest Control we would like to discuss squirrel control in NJ.

Squirrel Control in NJ 
There are several products available in the market that will keep away squirrels from your home. Some repellents are made with cayenne or black pepper, which repels squirrels but doesn't bother birds. These repellents can be added directly to the bird feeder. Some repellents are made with the urine of squirrels' predators. These are meant to be sprayed around gardens to keep squirrels away. 

While these repellents aren't dangerous, we strongly recommend letting our trained professionals handle it. 

If the squirrels get to your roof, they can also enter your house easily through the chimney. One of the things we can do is squirrel proof potential entrances such as your chimney so that the pesky squirrels don't come back in.

Our animal control experts will not waste time with trying to lure out the squirrels with mediocre techniques. They know exactly how to trap and remove pests such as squirrels efficiently and humanely.

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