Friday, June 25, 2010

What you need to know about bee swarms in NJ.

Most people are afraid of bee swarms in NJ. This is because there are a lot of wrong perceptions regarding bees that have been said. When one sees thousands of bees that are flying, the initial reaction is to run and hide. They thought that these bees would just attack them and hurt them. But what most people thought of is wrong. This is because bees don't just fly around to hurt people. Bees are not grouped together flying on the air to attack people. Bee swarm is a natural thing and bees really need to do this.

Do you know what bee swarm is and do you know why bees are doing this? Just like any other creatures, it is the aim of bees to increase their population. You must know that there are thousands of bees that are dying each day and to replace them, the queen lays thousands of eggs everyday. Bee swarm happens when the colony is already crowded and there is a need for most bees to evacuate and go to another bee hive.

Inside a colony, there is only one queen and there are thousands of worker bees. Once the hive is too crowded, the bees will now create a new queen. Before the new queen will get out of her cell, the old queen will now fly away with almost the half of the workers with her and will go to the new hive to create a new colony. More often than not, they will put their new home on the branches of the tree. They will stay there for about hours or days until they find the best place for them.

When you see bee swarm, that means that these bees are finding their new home. In that group, there is only one queen bee. This group of bees will not attack you unless you disturb them. So you must not be afraid when you see thousand of bees flying in the air because this is just a natural thing. Bees need to do this so that their life will continue and their population will grow. You must not be scared of bees because they are a big help to the environment. They are helping in balancing the ecosystem and aside from that, they are the ones that produce the best tasting honey. They will just attack people if they feel that they are threatened so you must learn to respect them so that they will not harm you.