Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get Rid of Bed Bugs NJ

Although some of the concern and buzz has died down, worry over bedbugs is still alive with new stories from college dorms, infestations in the work place and of course home invasions.  Do-it-yourself methods of prevention and eradication can cause illness to children, the elderly, pets and even lead to death.  Don't kill yourself trying to get rid of bed bugs in north nj!  Consider an affordable and professional means of dealing with a bed bug problem.  Consider contacting ALCO Animal and Pest Control.  ALCO is a company that prides itself in providing same day pests control and animal removal services for homes, offices and condos through out New Jersey.  Whether you've found a single bed bug or believe there's a complex infestation, the  experienced and reliable pest control technicians at ALCO will get rid of bed bugs in NJ to the customer's satisfaction, guaranteed.

It's completely understandable why someone who assumes they have a bedbug problem would want to take care of the problem as quickly as possible.  Bed bugs are disgusting!  Attracted to warmth and carbon dioxide (someone people breathe out), bedbugs often find people sleeping soundly when they attack.  They pierce the skin with hollow tubes and inject saliva containing anticoagulants and anesthetics, while they suck the blood right out of a person.  Bedbugs only feed for about five minutes before they sneak back into hiding places deep in the mattress or in other linens.

Most people who try to kill bed bugs on their own often purchase cans of deadly chemicals that can make allergies worse, cause breathing problems, and irritate the skin if touched.  ALCO Pest Control specialists use safe, effective and humane pesticides to get rid of bedbugs in jersey for good.

Bedbugs are sneaky insects that easily find their way into hotels, schools, and even hospital maternity wards.  To the untrained eye, many bites, bugs and eggs can go unnoticed.  How can you tell if it's time to call a professional about an infestation?  Even medical professionals can't diagnosis bedbug bites by examining a mark on your skin.  It takes a keen eye to observe bedbugs in action.  Don't let bedbugs live in your home!  Help NJ get rid of bed bugs and contact a professional bed bug removal expert today!