Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Scariest Spiders in the World

Nothing gets people on-edge quite like spiders. A popular rumor states that no matter where you are you are usually about eight feet from a spider – and while this is not actually a fact, there are millions of spiders and thousands of different species in New Jersey alone. In honor of Halloween, the experts at Alco NJ Pest Control have come out with a list of some of the most disturbing and terrifying creepy crawlies that can be found throughout the world.
Giant Camel Spider – this spider is more closely related to scorpions (who are also arachnids) than spiders, but has an extremely powerful jaw and can grow to be nearly a foot in length. This spider gets his name from old stories that depict these spiders jumping up and chewing through the bellies of camels.

Black Widow Spiders – a spider with quite a reputation, the female black widow spider has notoriously deadly venom and will eat male spiders shortly after mating. It has been found that male spiders will seek out rounder females to mate with because it potentially means that she will be too full for another meal.

Goliath Bird Eating Spider – the largest known species of tarantula in the world, this impressive spider can grow to have legs that reach the size of a dinner plate. The female tarantulas are much larger than the males and they have been observed eating reptiles, rodents and of course – birds.

While you don’t need to worry about a tarantula wandering through your basement, there is always a chance that some of the more common spiders in North Jersey, such as the American House Spider, the Wolf Spider, common Grass Spiders or any number of others can still take up residence in your home. Contact the pest control NJ experts and ask about spider removal in North Jersey.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Bed Bug Exterminator NJ

Bed bugs are a huge problem everywhere. Recently, a library at the University of Utah was forced to close due to a bed bug infestation. The entire third floor of the building was shut down after students reported spotting the insects this past Tuesday. Bed bug bites can cause rashes and even allergic reactions. They tend to make there way into highly populated places. The University Library averages 1.8 million visitors per year.

There is no denying the ubiquity of bed bugs over the past decade. They have been spotted in high end hotels and other buildings. If you have a problem with bed bug infestation, Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control has highly skilled and experienced bed bug exterminators in NJ. We only use safe methods and products for any of our pest control services.

Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control understands that bed bug problems need to be taken care of immediately. That is why we offer same day services as well as special 24 hour emergency services. We provide full removal and every one of our pest control services is fully guaranteed.

If your home or business has a bed bug infestation, contact Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control for more information on NJ bed bug exterminators.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Identifying NJ Pests

Although the fall is usually the season where insects and reptiles diminish in numbers outside, there is no guarantee that pests won’t be able to find their way into your home and set up shop for the winter. The experts at Alco NJ Pest Control are drawing upon our extensive experience to supply you with some facts about the pests that call North Jersey home and how to prepare yourself to battle these fall invaders, starting with insects.
  • Ants - Whenever you see one ant, there are untold hundreds more that are usually close by. Ants can be vectors for infection and carpenter ants might even do structural damage to your building. Usually these pests are around an open food source, and the kitchen is a good place to sweep for ants in your house.
  • Bed Bugs - The name says it all with these blood sucking insects. Since the bed bugs themselves are elusive, the easiest way to diagnose a problem is by finding small, red bites on your body. These infestations spread quickly in buildings where people live in close proximity.
  • Cockroaches - New Jersey can be home to a number of different cockroach species, but any one of these can spread sickness and discomfort. These pests require a professional pest control NJ to truly eradicate.
  • Crickets -These chirping insects are not too hard to detect in your home, but can flourish in surprising numbers and will become a problem if neglected. Homeowners can usually deal with one or two crickets without professional help, but an infestation requires skilled technicians.
  • Termites - The reputation of termites is well-deserved, and they will do serious damage if left unchecked. In NJ, recent facts support that you have a 1 in 5 chance of having termites.
  • Moths - Drain flies, moths in cabinets and attic moths are not usually a serious concern, but if you see large amounts of these winged pests you need some help from the pros.

Take stock of your home or business and look for signs that you might be hosting these common NJ pests this winter. If you find something alarming, contact Alco NJ Pest Control and have your issue dealt with quickly, professionally and comprehensively.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Squirrel Control in NJ

As the cold weather approaches, animals will start to seek shelter inside. They may try to nest in attics or basements to stay warm. Having squirrels nesting in your home can be unsanitary and even dangerous. If you have a squirrel infestation, it is best to call a professional immediately. ALCO Animal & Pest Control is a professional company that provides high quality squirrel control in NJ at affordable rates.Our professionals can quickly and safely remove any squirrel from your home or business.

Here are some things that you can do in order to prevent squirrels from entering your home:

Hot pepper spray. You can make homemade squirrel repellent by mixing a very small amount of cayenne pepper with water. Just apply it to wood or wires where a squirrel may chew through.
Trim your branches. Squirrels are great jumpers. If you have any unruly branches hanging too close to a window, they can likely get inside. There are several companies that provide high quality tree pruning services.
Seal any holes. Squirrels can squeeze through very tight holes. Check any areas where pipes or wires enter your home and screen off any excess space.

Hopefully these tips will help keep squirrels out of your home or business. If they do get through your defenses, contact ALCO Animal & Pest Control for fast and efficient squirrel control in NJ.

For more information on squirrel control in NJ, call ALCO Animal & Pest Control today at 973-540-9944!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Learn About “Fall Invaders”

There is a subset of pest control problem that does not signal an infestation or that your home is being overrun – these are simply pests trying to use your home for the winter. Called “overwintering insects” and “fall invaders”, around this time of year it is not uncommon for homeowners to notice pill bugs, earwigs, millipedes and more to wind up in areas like attics, near baseboards, behind drapes or basically anywhere. Most of these bugs will die because of the dry and hot indoor air, but those that do not are the ones that will require pest control in NJ in order to help stop.

The first line of defense is usually an outside barrier treatment. This treatment should be done ASAP because chances are if you are having it done late into the fall season (around halfway through October is a good deadline) the bugs are most likely already inside. Check places like your indoor plants for signs. Most bugs – even the ones that eat other bugs – will congregate near this open food source. Clear away rotting leaves and debris from your plants and keep them trim so that you can keep a handle on any bugs that might try to make this area home.

While pestproofing is something a homeowner usually must undertake on his or her own, NJ pest control companies like Alco Pest Control NJ are willing to help go over hotspots and ensure openings are sealed correctly. An easy way to start this is to pull woodpiles, mulch, plants and debris away from your home foundation. Bugs will live in this material and if they are allowed to crawl around the outside of your house, there is a higher chance you will be seeing them inside.

No one can truly seal their home completely against bugs, but by getting in touch with a professional pest control company you can take the first step. Contact an expert at Alco Pest Control NJ and get the “fall Invaders” out.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Common NJ Pests

In NJ there are many animals that may encroach on your property, and can potentially become problematic. This is a list of the most common pests that you may encounter in NJ:

  • Raccoons – These mischievous, albeit cute, critters can become quite a nuisance especially during this season. Right now raccoons are gorging themselves adding up to 50% body fat to get ready for the winter. They can be a big problem considering their highly developed tactile sense. Their front paws consist of five fingers, giving them human like hands, so they can open many things just like you.
  • Bees – Most notably in NJ are honey bees. Bees will build nests in almost every place possible; cracks in walls, attics, boxes, pipes, ventilators, shades, trees and garages. It is amazing how quickly honey bees can form a hive, but they can become a nuisance. Often when there are abnormally large numbers, it can lead to unwanted encounters, unfortunately for some people these encounters can become fatal.
  • Mice and Rats – Each winter, nearly 21 million homes in the US are invaded by these rodents. They will typically enter a home between now and February, looking for food and shelter. Mice can squeeze through a hole about the size of a dime, rats about the size of a quarter. This means that a small crack or opening in the exterior of your home becomes an open door for these rodents. 

If you are noticing signs of any of these, or other, pests it is a good idea to contact a NJ pest control company. When considering a pest control company it is good to make sure that they inspect your home inside and out, top to bottom. This will ensure to rid you of your pest problem and ensure the pests do not return.

If you have any questions about pest control in NJ contact Alco Pest Control today. Alco employs professional, trained pest control technicians, ensuring the best solution for your pest problem.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Common Fall Pests

The change in the weather always brings about pests. Animals look for different places to live and insects’ life cycles change. Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control provides pest control in NJ. All of our services are fully guaranteed, and all of our methods and products are completely safe and humane. Here are some of the pests that may be infesting your home or business:

Mice and rats do not like the cold weather and will try to look for a place indoors to nest throughout the cold months. Try to make sure any small holes or gaps are filled or screened off so that they cannot enter.

Flies reach the peak of their life cycles in early fall since they have had all year to reproduce. The colder weather may also force them to move indoors.

Wasps, yellow jackets and honey bees can become aggressive as temperatures drop. Their nests grow considerably throughout the summer and then food becomes more scarce during the colder seasons. This can make these stinging insects easy to agitate.

We provide same day services as well as 24 hour emergency services. Contact Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control you would like more information on any of our NJ pest control services.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

How To Get Rid of Ants

The change in seasons is a great time to evaluate the defenses your home has against pests. New Jersey is a great climate for insects, rodents, reptiles and other pests who will try to come indoors when the weather is cold if they can. Take some pointers from the experts at Alco NJ Pest Control and prep your house against ants who may try to take over your home this fall.
  1. Seal the entryways of your home so that the ants can not get inside. Caulk up the cracks, make sure screens and windows close all the way, and stuff putty in to fill the gaps around the foundation that could be letting ants inside.
  2. Close food containers and keep your kitchen sanitary and clean. Ants are attracted to any source of food such as full garbage cans, stains and fruit juice or similar messes that might not have been cleaned properly. Keeping your home as clean as possible is a good way to cut down on these invaders.
  3. Use a natural form of ant deterrent such as talc (found in baby powder) around windows and doors, because it will repel ants who are sensitive to these substances.

For more information about ant control in New Jersey in order to stay comfortable in your home during the winter, call Alco Pest Control NJ and speak with an expert.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Middlesex County Pest Control NJ

With the weather beginning to turn, Middlesex County pest control NJ is more important to keeping a clean and functioning home than ever. If you haven’t already looked at our great fall pest control tips or considered the advice of our pest control experts about what winter pests to look for, these resources can be extremely useful in bringing you up-to-speed on what to be ready for. NJ Pest Control in Middlesex County can be the difference between a comfortable winter and a long and dragged out battle with the forces of nature.

Take some time to get your home ready for the winter. Check the foundation and the roof of your home – the most likely entry points for any sort of intruder that would force you to get professional Middlesex County pest control NJ. If you notice insects or vermin already in your home, you should call Alco Pest Control NJ immediately and have your problem dealt with quickly, efficiently, conveniently and safely. Bugs and animals can get people sick, so this problem is not something you should wait before taking care of with NJ pest control Middlesex County.

For information about Middlesex County pest control NJ, contact Alco Pest Control NJ today and speak with an expert to learn more about fall and winter pests and what you can do about it. Call 973-450-9944 now.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Monmouth County Pest Control NJ

The fall season is a beautiful and amazing transformation of nature, but it can be a nightmare for Monmouth County Pest Control NJ when bugs and animals seek to winter in your home, business or property. We have recently published a list of fall pest control NJ tips that can assist homeowners in any setting deal with the coming onslaught of insects and vermin who seek to spend the cold months inside your cozy home, but we always recommend that you contact the experts at Alco NJ Pest Control if you see that ants, mice, rats, raccoons, opossums or any other pest in or near your home.

Autumn is a season of change throughout New Jersey, and the wooded areas of Monmouth County offer great habitats for countless birds, mammals, insects and reptiles who are getting ready to winter in their respective ways. If you are diligent about Monmouth County pest control NJ, you will have nothing to worry about throughout the winter. Take some time to go over our tips about winter pests and do your research on what to look for to avoid a costly and time-consuming pest removal process. Our experts are happy to help with your Monmouth County pest control NJ.

For more information about Monmouth County pest control NJ, call Alco NJ Pest Control today at 973-540-9944 and speak with a specialist.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Use Our Rodent Control Coupons NJ

Fall is one of the busiest times for pest control NJ, because animals and insects are readying themselves for the winter – and using your home or property to do it! If you become aware of a pest problem in your home or business, you can get unparalleled pest removal service in NJ by calling Alco NJ Pest Control. Our top-quality service is now more affordable than ever, thanks to our rodent control coupons in NJ.

Rodents are a main concern for homeowners during the autumn and early winter months because they are able to get into any building and survive – even thrive – in any environment. If you have rodents in your home, you are vulnerable to serious diseases and germs that these critters carry around. While there are a few steps that you can take to minimize the potential risk of rodent infestation in your home, professional pest control NJ is a must if you are faced with this concerning situation. Use our rodent control coupons NJ and you can enjoy a smooth, convenient and efficient rodent removal service in New Jersey that will be easy for you and easy on your budget.

For more information about winter pest problems, take a look at our recent blog written by experts about what to expect.

For information about pest control NJ, call Alco NJ Pest Control at 973-540-9944 and speak with an expert