Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Goodnight, Sleep tight, Alco Pest Control Helps me sleep right!"

Bed Bugs in NJ | Bed Bugs Extermination NJ | Bed Bugs Pest Control NJ - ImageThe cliche goes "Good night, Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite." Nobody ever thinks twice before saying it but does anyone know what an actual bed bug is? Bed Bugs in NJ are small, brown and flat insects that are a quarter of an inch long. They lack wings, therefore, they do not fly but are capable of moving on vertically and horizontally inclined surfaces. Bed bugs usually come out at night due to their dislike for light. They tend to feed just an hour before sunrise and are attracted to warmth and carbon dioxide, two things that we humans have. They, also, hatch eggs which can lead to infestations therefore Bed Bugs Pest Control in NJ is vital. One may determine if there is a Bed Bug Infestation in NJ by able to find a sample of the actual bed bug.Some may say that looking at a bug bite mark is the way to go but medical professionals cannot make a positive diagnosis with just a bite alone. However, if you are waking up in the morning with bug bites and having symptoms, it would be best to call a professional who is certified to give a proper identification. If you are looking for those qualified professionals or if its too late and you need Bed Bugs Extermination in NJ then look no further than Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control. We are the best in Bed Bug Removal in NJ. We make same day service visits and have a 24 hour emergency service. We should change the phrase to say, "Good night, sleep tight, Alco Pest Contol helps me sleep right!" 

Raccoon Removal NJ

Raccoon Removal NJ | Raccoon Control Services New Jersey | Raccoon Animal Control NJAs the weather becomes warmer, those pesky raccoons are going to come out and play in NJ. Raccoon Animal Control in NJ is going to be very important. The common raccoon that usually resides in NJ can usually be seen with a facial black mask and a black striped tail.  They have short round eyes, black eyes and surprisingly even though they can  grow up to be three feet long and weigh to thirty pounds they still are very skilled climbers. They  look like cute little furry animals and that makes human interaction almost unavoidable but those "cute little furry animals" can be quite dangerous. Due to the public's fascination with animals, the aquisition of rabies has become much more of a threat that previously once was. 
     Another important point to consider about raccoons is Raccoon Nest in NJ. It is precisely at spring time when female racoons tend to search for areas to nest. They tend to look for dark corners that are not active. To a raccoon, basements, attics and crawl spaces in barns, sheds and houses in NJ are prime real estate. A mother raccoon will do anything in their power to protect her babies and are known to bite, scratch, claw and even screech their adversaries, which include household pets as well as humans. Therefore, Raccoon Animal Control in NJ is very important and must be dealt by someone you can trust.  Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control are the people that you can rely on. We pride ourselves in our humane and safe ways of Raccoon removal NJ.  We have many years of experience and have provided our services to many homes and businesses in Passaic, Essex, Hudson and Morris Counties. We provide same day service as well as 24 hour emergency service. 
Call us today at (973)-540-9944 or(201)-261-7566 for your Raccoon Control Services in New Jersey. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spider Control in Passaic County

Most of us suffer from arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, but since the spider is such a common insect in North Jersey, running across one is inevitable. When the spiders become a serious and recurring problem, then it's time to hire a trained team to help you with spider removal in NJ.

Alco Animal and Pest Control eases your fears of these creepy creepers by offering same day service to reduce and remove the intruding spiders.

Spiders are actually very beneficial, trapping flies and other bugs that we are usually swatting away. They will crawl into your house when they are looking for new places to spin webs, and this becomes more prominent after spiders hatch from their eggs, looking for a fresh start away from the larger, established spiders.

As a spider control company in Passaic County, Alco gets to work on the outside of your house or condo first, where the spider problem started. After reducing and controlling the spider population with humane and effective pesticide, we will begin to manage the spider invaders on the inside of your home, condo, or office.

Our experienced and reliable pest control technicians will get rid of your spiders, satisfaction guaranteed!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

North Jersey Ants are On the Move

With this recent batch of early warm weather, Northern New Jersey ants are becoming more active. Flies and spiders are out, and birds are hunting them down while preparing to nest.

Soon the ground will warm up too, releasing a swarm of carpenter ants, beetles, and other pests.

The first thing that these insects will seek out will be food: scraps of leaves, fruits, and unfortunately, crumbles from your kitchen. At Alco Pest Control, we offer comprehensive ant removal services for all types of ants, including carpenter, that are safe and sure to be effective.

Carpenter ants can be especially quarrelsome for homeowners, as they can cause structural damage to houses similar to the work of termites, burrowing through damp and decaying wood to build their nests. Our ant pest control services help to minimize this damage.

Alco Pest Control has always offered a fully guaranteed pest control service, so whether ants, termites, or any other pest is bugging you this spring, make Alco your first line of defense!