Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Animal Control in Essex County NJ

Animal control in Essex County NJ is a problem that may come up from time to time. If wild animals or wildlife are present on your property, this means nothing about you or your ability to maintain a clean environment. Unlike pests, wild animals often roam the wild and aren't commonly found in a home or commercial building. If they stop, it may be for various reasons: heat, food, or maybe an injury. Never fear, we have the experts to get these animals off your land and back into the wild where they belong. Give us a call today if you're having problems with birds, squirrels, raccoons, bats, skunks, possums, or even larger animals such as fox or bears.

Alco Animal Control uses humane methods to capture and release animals on your property. Our many years of experience and continued learning gives us advanced knowledge about animals in your home or office, why they're there, how they got in, how to get them out, and how to keep them out. Our wild animal control in Essex County NJ promptly removes animals from your location and prevents exposure in the future. We are committed to your satisfaction and safety, so when you see or think you might have a wild animal in your home or building, call us for affordable service delivered without delay.

Squirrels are among the most common animal problem that we encounter in our dwellings. This is because most of the time houses are so close together. Instead of jumping from treetop to treetop, squirrels jump from rooftop to rooftop. Often times they find a roof they enjoy, or some area in close proximity to food, warmth, or another sought after luxury. We have the tools and experience for humane animal control in Essex County NJ, reminding them that the trees are their homes, not your property.

Raccoons are among the smartest of city-dwelling animals. Like many other animals, raccoons adapt alongside their environment. They are completely comfortable living alongside human beings in their homes, under their trash bins, or in the yard or garden area. Again, this is not a statement about your cleanliness. More so, the presence of raccoons is a testament to their intelligence and adaptability.

You may also find yourself with skunks, possums, and other larger animal intruders. No matter the species, you should always call our professionals for affordable animal control in Essex County NJ. Dealing with these animals yourself can be dangerous. More than this, the homemade remedies are not always proven effective against our furry friends. Don't cause damage to yourself, your family, or even to the animals. Call us today and we'll deal with the problem in the best possible manner.

Do you think you have an animal problem? We serve all communities within Essex County New Jersey, including:
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Friday, March 25, 2016

Bed Bug Control in Bergen County NJ

So, you're experiencing one of the ultimate discomforts in life: a bed bug infestation. You notice the symptoms, you feel the itching, but you may still be left in the dark as to what causes bed bugs to come up in the first place or what can be done to get rid of them. Bed bugs are tiny but they cause massive amounts of headache, dismay, and stress. We make our way in the business world by causing an equal amount of despair to these small pests with professional bed bug control in Bergen County NJ. These small pests are also flat, so they are able to hide very well during the daytime hours. So you may be asking, where are the bed bugs now?

Alco Pest Control utilizes working strategies to rid your home of bed bugs. Our pest specialists understand how crafty these tiny nuisances can be - and how equally difficult they can be to completely remove from the home. Bed bugs thrive, in part, due to their adaptive ability against chemical agents. At Alco Pest Control, we use hybrid methods, including agents and increased heat, to successfully free your home of a bed bug infestation. Our expert bed bug control in Bergen County NJ works to restore your nights, giving you the peace-of-mind you deserve when getting ready to sleep.

Bed bugs usually hide within the mattress itself. But bedbugs can also hide on the bed board, along bedroom furniture, in cupboards, and other locations around your home. Because they are pesky and hard to defeat without proper assistance, we have a solution for you. Our bed bug control in Bergen County NJ service will completely eradicate all traces of these tiny monsters from your home, from your life, and get rid of those persistent itchy bite marks that you find on your body when you wake in the morning.

We're sure you've heard the expression: “Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.” We take this phrase seriously. Not only are we on your side, we are completely at odds with any and all tiny pests who cause you pain, trouble, and worry. Bed bugs are persistent, but our bed bug exterminators are focused on removing them from your home. With Alco Pest Control by your side, bed bugs won't stand a chance.

We provide bed bug control in Bergen County NJ, including the following areas:

You may have tried home remedies. You may have washed your clothes and linens again and again. Forget all of this posturing. Call us now and find a real, lasting solution to your concerns.

For more information about bed bug control in Bergen County NJ, call Alco Pest Control at (973) 540-9944.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Animal Control in NJ

Fortunately, New Jersey experienced a fairly mild 2016 winter and now we anticipate warmer breezes as spring is officially underway. Most picture blossoming flowers and growing trees, chirping birds returning from their southern stay. Some picture squirrels racing through our backyards and up a tree - however we rarely picture them in our homes. Spring is a feast for the eyes, yet an animal loose in our home can yield a shriek from our mouth. When you notice unwanted guests scurrying in your home, call us for professional animal control in NJ.

ALCO Animal Control practices humane methods and features affordable prices. With our years of experience, we understand the animals native to New Jersey, those most known for finding way into houses, how they get in, and how to promptly get them out. Our methods ensure their safe capture and release, while preventing return or guests by other animals. We do more than just trap animals, we give you information about how they get in and why a particular animal might seek shelter (birth, protection, etc.) in your home. When you call ALCO Animal Control for expert animal control in NJ, you'll receive the service and information you need to keep animals out.

So what kind of animals should you look out for this spring? We've compiled a few four-legged friends known to take up space in, or under, your home.

Opossum Control in NJ

Just to get one thing out of the way, opossums are rarely the community nuisance people think of them as. They won't often tip over garbage cans, instead foraging the ground for garbage, fruit, or insects. Additionally, opossums are not aggressive, though they have defense mechanisms that allow them to appear fierce.

With that out of the way, opossums are nocturnal animals and prefer dark spaces. In spring, you might find opossums "denning" under your porch or deck. If you notice a hole under your deck or patio, lightly fill it with leaves or other soft material. An opossum will push this out of the way to regain their entryway, letting you know you have visitors.

If you come close to an opossum, it might start hissing at you. Don't panic! These creatures are afraid of you and, if they become more scared, will simply play dead over showing aggression. Still, do not approach the opossum. Instead, call us for humane animal control in NJ and we'll remove the den without delay.

Raccoon Control in NJ

We made mention earlier that opossums typically won't knock over your garbage can. Usually, raccoons are the culprits. Raccoons will find safety wherever they can get to, and their craftiness can make it difficult to notice their new-found residence. Whether they are in your basement, attic, or elsewhere, raccoons should be left alone if spotted. Instead, call for animal control in NJ immediately.

Raccoons can carry rabies and can become aggressive if provoked. Keep a distance from the creature and call us. We will find their entry point, remove them from your home, and seal the point to prevent future occurrence. 

Squirrel Control in NJ

If there are trees, there are squirrels. The most common native animal to New Jersey, we usually yell at squirrels to get out of the way from our car windows. Squirrels can make their way into the home through various means, including power lines, holes in siding, and your roof. 

If you notice sounds from your walls, attic, or vents, you might have an infestation. You can also tell squirrels are in your home if you see squirrel droppings or notice garden plants are being eaten. When provoked, squirrels can become aggressive, so it is best to leave their removal to professionals.

There are many types of animals whose "spring awakening" can have you thinking you're in a nightmare. We expertly remove the following animals from your property:

Have us perform spring cleaning and remove animals from your property. Our experts have the skills, knowledge, and experience to relieve you of the stress without delay!

For more information about professional animal control in NJ, call ALCO Animal Control at (973) 540-9944.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pest Control in NJ During Spring

Things You Need to Know About Pest Control in NJ During the Spring Season

With spring on its way, pests begin emerging from their winter homes to reproduce or find food. You may notice some pests around your home during this time, which may not be cause for alarm, as they have just begun re-acclimating to the warming climate. However if you notice more than a few insects on your property, swarming, or pests emerging from under your home, then it's time to call us for professional pest control in NJ.  

Alco Pest Control works with property owners to remove pests from the premises and protect against future infestation. Our professional pest control specialists use products safe to you, while effective against pest intruders. With our years of experience, we know where to look in your home for potential nesting or colony locations. Likewise, when you call us for a pest control inspection, our knowledge on many varieties of insects allows us to promptly identify signs of infestation, where they gained entry into your home, and how to get them out for good. 

As you may know, there are many types of pests that arrive with spring. Below, we'll take a look at a few culprits and how you can prevent infestation in your home.


As the ground softens, ants emerge from their homes looking for food. When they find a food source, they will begin invading by the droves to take what they can. 

Ant infestations are notorious for being difficult to eradicate on your own, but there are preventative steps you can take to minimize their presence until professional pest control specialists completely remove them. To reduce the number of ants in your home, follow their trail to their entry point into your home. Once located, use a caulk gun to seal the point and prevent their entry. Those trapped in your home can be swept up or vacuumed. You may be successful at drastically reducing their numbers, but call us for a professional ant inspection to ensure that your home is pest free.

Bed Bugs

A pest that strikes fear into the hearts of many. Like ants, bed bugs are much more active during warmer months. In fact, some homeowners may already have a bed bug infestation but aren't aware because of their winter dormancy. Bed bugs are adaptable pests, able to gain immunity to pesticides and other agents. Fortunately, there are measures that can be taken to remove each and every bed bug from your home (which is essential for long-term bed bug relief).

Intense temperatures, especially heat, prove effective against bed bugs. When used in conjunction with chemical agents, bed bugs simply don't stand a chance. For proper bed bug removal, you will need expert pest control in NJ. We schedule three sessions to remove bed bugs from your home, testing and measuring our results to ensure they are completely removed from your home.

Wasps & Bees

Discovering a wasp infestation in your home can be scary. Because of the many different types of wasps, it is best to stay away from their nest and call for professional wasp removal immediately. Some species are aggressive and will attack when threatened. Call us for emergency pest control in NJ to promptly remove bees, wasps, and protect against future infestation.

Use extreme caution when looking for the nest or site of infestation. A bee colony can range from several thousand upwards to 60,000, and, like wasps, can sting if threatened. If you notice swarming (typically at dawn or dusk), or large numbers of bees around your property, chances are you have a bee infestation. We have the safety equipment, products, and measures to get them out of your home without delay and restore safety to your home.

At Alco Pest Control, we remove all types of pests from homes and commercial properties. If you are experiencing infestation by any of the following, call us for prompt and affordable pest control in NJ:

We specialize in "spring cleaning" pests from your home. For more information about our experienced pest control in NJ, call Alco Pest Control at (973) 540-9944.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mice Exterminator NJ

If you have a mouse infestation, there are many items you may have looked at or even tried for yourself to no avail. A little known secret is that these products are nothing more than marketing ploys for your money. But with our mice exterminator in NJ service, we can promise you timely and effective removal of all unwanted rodents from your home or building today. Call us and schedule an appointment and we'll get the wheels moving on cleaning your home and removing the unwanted guests.

At Alco Pest Control, your complete satisfaction is our priority. We accomplish this with years of experience and expert service methods, locating the source of a mice infestation and working without delay to completely remove all rodents from your home. Our mice exterminator in NJ uses safe products to successfully remove mice, locate their entry and exit point, and prevent future infestations from occurring. 

So how does our service work? Well, first we need to do a complete inspection of your home. The truth is, if you've seen one mouse, you probably have several, if not several dozen hiding under your nose. Rodents are incredibly quick and skilled evaders, so it's likely you'll have an infestation that you didn't even realize. They also breed very quickly, so it's possible the first two set up a permanent home between your walls, in your basement, or in the attic.

It's highly unlikely that an untrained individual will have any effectiveness against these furry guests. The tools at your disposal just aren't adequate. As such, we've spent years training, studying, and mastering the techniques. Above this, our mice exterminator in NJ has taken the time to get inside the mind of these mice, so we know where they hide and how they plan on evading your detection. Trust that we'll get them out from under your nose and out of your life for good.

More than using chemicals to rid the home of these pests, we'll also facilitate the cleanup process and make sure every last trail of their presence is pushed out. Another important part of our extermination process is the closing of any and all entrance points, so that no cousins or extended mice family feel the home is open to their arrival.

Our mice exterminator in NJ is available to the following areas:

Contact us today to learn about the benefits of selecting a mouse exterminator over the over-the-counter methods that have nominal success, if any at all.

For more information about our mice exterminator in NJ, call Alco Pest Control at (973) 540-9944.