Thursday, January 31, 2013

Squirrel in my Chimney

During the cold winter months it is not uncommon for animals to hole up in someone’s house to warm up. I once had a squirrel in my chimney. Have you? If you are in need of squirrel removal in Bergen County NJ, ALCO NJ Squirrel Control uses only humane methods to remove squirrels or any animal that may be infesting your home or yard.

We offer same day services as well as emergency 24 hour removal services. Squirrels may look cute, but can cause sickness or damage. They can even start fires by chewing through electrical wires. If you have a squirrel in your attic, they may have also brought in ticks or rabies along with them.

If you hear squeaky noises coming from your fireplace, you need squirrel removal in Bergen County NJ. Smoking them out may seem like an easy way to deal with this problem. That is not advised. Squirrels will typically crawl down into the fireplace and not out through the chimney. Now you have roasting squirrels to deal with. ALCO Squirrel Control can remove your chimney squirrels safely and soundly.

ALCO not only removes animals but also has many bug control services. As the winter climates start to fade, insects hatch and can become a nuisance. They also can serve as food for the squirrels living in your chimney. Call ALCO Squirrel Control, and we can remove both animals and bugs from your home in one shot.

So if you have a squirrel in your chimney, it is no problem for our animal control team. For more information on our Bergen County NJ squirrel removing services, call us at 201-261-7566.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Animal Removal in Attic NJ

Your attic is the perfect breeding ground for raccoons and numerous other animals. They are warm (relatively compared to outside anyway). They are dark. And they have the materials necessary to build a nest. If you need any animal removal in your NJ attic, ALCO NJ Animal Control provides animal removal in NJ attics to alleviate your problem while using the most humane methods possible.

Keeping an animal in your attic can be hazardous to your health and your home. Animals such as mice and rats have a history of being disease carriers. The Bubonic plague started was started with rats in the attic. If ALCO NJ Rat Control was around, it would have been known as the Bubonic Slight Nuisance. Even animals that are not known for carrying disease such as squirrels and raccoons can contaminate a home. They leave waste all over which is not sanitary and causes humans to get sick.

Many animals will also chew through wiring to build nests and such. This can cause blackouts and even fires. These are all problems that you do not need. For years, ALCO has been putting an end to these problems. We offer same day service and even have a 24 hour emergency service available. All services are fully guaranteed.

Not only will we remove any small rodents or animals in your attic, but any other animal that is plaguing your property. Coyotes are becoming more of a problem in suburban and rural areas. We can humanely remove them from your property. Maybe a groundhog is eating up your garden. One call to us and it is gone. We also have insect control services available for a wide variety of bugs, including but not limited to:

Bed bugs

If you need to remove animals in your attic NJ, call us at 973-540-9944.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Morris County Animal Control

Nature is best enjoyed when you are outdoors and surrounded by it.  It is very difficult to enjoy nature when there are termites in your walls, raccoons in your attic, or cave crickets jumping around in your basement.  Any pests inside your home pose a number of risks to your family and personal property.  Between unhealthy living conditions, the chance of bodily injury, and potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage, you should not wait to get rid of any infestation.  ALCO Animal & Pest Control offers Morris County animal control services to help families and businesses in need.

Whether you are looking to solve an already existing problem or have had infestation issues in the past and would like to protect your home from future issues, ALCO Animal & Pest Control has the expertise to assist you.  Our methods are both effective and humane, which means that all parties receive the respect they deserve.  In addition, because infestation can happen at any time, we have 24 hour emergency animal control services in Morris County, that include same day animal removal.

For the well-being of your family and property, keep animals and other creatures out of your house.  However, do not take matters into your own hands because there are wrong ways to do this; you should trust in the professionals instead.  For more information on animal control services in Morris County, New Jersey and to receive a free estimate, give ALCO Animal & Pest Control a call today at 201-261-7566.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hudson County Animal Control

Have you been having problems with animals inhabiting your home, business or yard? If so, the animal and pest control specialists at Alco Animal and Pest Control can eliminate all of your problems once and for all.

Alco Animal and Pest Control has been in business for years, working on animal and pest control throughout the state of New Jersey. Our professionals specialize in Hudson County animal control to solve any issues you may be having with animals.

When you call our professionals for Hudson County animal control, we will use our knowledge and expertise that we have gained over the years to safely and humanely remove any animals that may be lingering in unwanted places.

Animals can become violent, especially when they make their homes in your home or business. Do not try and remove animals like this on your own: it is not safe. Trust in our services for Hudson County animal control to provide you with a solution to your problem.

We offer an extensive number of services for animal control, ranging from bats to squirrels, and mice skunks. No matter what type of animal you need to remove, our environmentally-friendly products will not harm the animals or the surrounding area.

We provide 24-hour Hudson County animal control, with free inspections and estimates. We will work quickly and efficiently to get rid of any animals in your home, business or yard and ensure that they do not return.

To inquire about our services for Hudson County animal control and the other services we offer at Alco Animal and Pest Control, contact us today at 973-540-9944 or 201-261-7566. When you call, do not forget to ask us about our first-time customer discount!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bed Bug Control Bergen County

Recent studies on bed bugs have shown that Chicago is rated to be the worst city in the US. New York City has slided down the list in recent years to 10th place as their exterminators have been getting the problem under control. What’s not surprising at all is that no city in New Jersey has made the list. This is mainly due to ALCO NJ Insect Control. While other exterminators were busy compiling data and making lists, ALCO was taking care of business by providing bed bug control in Bergen County. Our service is so excellent that New Jersey is not on any bed bug lists.

But they are still a problem. That is why ALCO NJ provides bed bug control in Bergen County. We guarantee to exterminate every single one of the little bloodsuckers. What if you do not have a bed bug infestation? We will remove any insect infestation you may have including but not limited to:

  • Bees
  • Centipedes
  • Fleas 
  • Mosquitos
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Termites

But if you do have bed bugs, their nocturnal nature can make them difficult to spot until you are overrun with. There are some signs that bed bugs leave behind that can be recognized in the day. They may leave some blood stains on sheets. They smell like rotting raspberries. The most common tell is the bite marks they leave. They tend to leave three bite marks in a row.

ALCO NJ Insect Control offers same day services and a 24 hour emergency service. We only use humane methods and are fully guaranteed. For more information on our bed bug control in Bergen County, call 201-261-7566.

Roaches NJ

Do you have NJ roaches? I hope you are not just waiting around for them to die off. Roaches are survivors. They already outlasted Twinkies. You need roach removal in NJ, and ALCO NJ Pest Control will service your needs.

Scientists may tell you that there are many different types of NJ roaches including:

  • American cockroaches
  • Oriental cockroaches
  • German cockroach
  • Woods cockroach
  • Brown banded cockroaches
  • Smoky brown cockroaches

But ALCO NJ Pest only knows dead cockroaches. You do not want your house to look like the end of Creepshow.

To prevent roaches from infesting your home, it is recommended to keep a clean house. Dirt and crumbs will provide food for roaches and make your house an ideal habitat. A roach will eat nearly anything, even smaller insects. They may keep your house bed bug free, but at what cost? ALCO NJ Pest also removes bed bugs or any other bug you can think of.

Our removal services are not exclusive to insects. We will also remove any animal that may be inhabiting your home such as mice, raccoons or groundhogs. We only use the most humane methods while removing any animal. We are so environmentally conscious that our entire staff was trained by environmental experts.

A roach can nest in cracks, drains or walls. They can chew through electrical wiring and cause house fires. That’s a headache you do not need. We offer same day services as well as 24 hour emergency services. All of our removal services are 100% guaranteed.

For more information on our our NJ roach removal services, call 201-261-7566.

Animal Control in New Jersey

Nature can be beautiful and should be enjoyed by everyone from time to time.  Since we live in such a concrete world, taking a hike or a walk in a park is a great way to enjoy the world in its natural state and to see the animals that inhabit this world.  However, nature and your home life should not be colliding too forcefully.  A raccoon in the wild might be fun and cute to look at, but a raccoon in your house can carry disease and attack your family.  There is no room for wild animals in your home and ALCO Animal Control in NJ is here to protect your family when an infestation occurs.

The experts at ALCO have dealt with almost every animal and pest situation that you can imagine.  Our methods are both effective and humane with limiting property damage being our first priority.  We not only offer animal control in New Jersey, but we will come to your home and take preventative measures as well.  The best approach to any pest problem is to avoid an infestation in the first place.  

Animals belong outside in their natural habitat and not inside your house.  You should not take matters into your own hands, but put your trust in the hands of professionals.  For more information on New Jersey animal control, give Alco Animal Control a call today at 201-261-7566 for a free estimate.

Bed Bugs in NJ

Your home is your sanctuary, a place where you can go at the end of the day to escape the pressures of the world.  Maybe watching some TV relaxes you or spending time with your family makes you happy, but do you ever look forward to sharing your home with bed bugs?  No matter your personal lifestyle, there is a good chance you will do anything possible to get these pests out of your house.  Luckily, ALCO Bed Bug Control has experts in the removal of NJ bed bugs.

Bed bugs in NJ are a difficult and disgusting problem to be faced with.  Reproducing at a rapid rate, they can quickly spread to your bed and other furniture to make their home.  You may notice you have an infestation by continually finding bite marks on your body when getting up in the morning.  This does not necessarily mean you have a bed bug infestation, but noticing bite marks is definitely the time to look further into the matter.  

It is not advised for you to take matters into your own hands because bed bugs are not easy to eliminate.  ALCO Bed Bug Control is experienced in the removal of bed bugs in New Jersey.  Our professionals will seek the least intrusive and most efficient way to rid you of the infestation problem you are having.

No one should have to fear their own bed and living space.  Take back control of your home by taking immediate action against these pests.  To learn more about bed bugs in NJ and how we can help you to permanently get rid of them, call ALCO Bed Bug Control today at 201-261-7566 for a free estimate.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Squirrel Removal in Jersey City

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a……squirrel?

Flying squirrels may not live up to their names, but they certainly can cause a lot of trouble. This species of squirrel does not literally fly, as bats and birds would, but rather, flying squirrels glide between trees. If they glide their way into your homes however, Alco Animal and Pest Control is available for squirrel removal in Jersey City, as well as other areas throughout New Jersey.

At Alco Animal and Pest Control, our professionals are experienced in safely and humanely removing all types of pests and animals throughout the state. With our years of experience in the field, we know how to permanently rid your home, business or yard of any pests or animals that may try to make these spaces their home.

You may find yourself needing squirrel removal in Jersey City if flying squirrels are inhabiting any one of these spaces. Flying squirrels are smaller than regular squirrels, and they typically enter attics through small holes. They choose attics because of the insulation that can be found in those areas.

Flying squirrels are a nocturnal species, but there are certainly signs to look for when trying to determine whether or not you have a flying squirrel problem:

- Are you seeing a surplus of acorn or hickory nut shells around the yard? Check them to see what the openings look like. If the openings are circular or ovular, flying squirrels may be the culprit.
- Inspect any larger nuts you may find in your yard. These nuts will have two openings in them or the entire end will be removed.
- Have you found small droppings or urine spots on the ground? These remains can be left by plenty of animals, but if you are finding acorns and hickory nuts in your yard, the probability is more likely that it is from flying squirrels.
- Check for any damage to the structure of your home, wiring or plants. Flying squirrels tend to leave behind damage and will gnaw on plant life, wires and wood.

If you find any of these signs in your home or yard, you should call Alco Animal and Pest Control for squirrel removal in Jersey City. Squirrels are looking to stay out of the cold this winter, and attic spaces are a perfect place for them to stay warm.

Squirrels are dangerous creatures, especially if they are carrying rabies or typhus. Rely on the pest professionals at Alco Animal and Pest Control for all of your same-day and emergency squirrel removal in Jersey City. To find out more information call today at 201-261-7566, and ask about our first-time customer discounts that are available!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Squirrel Removal in Newark, NJ

If you have seen Pixar’s 2009 film, Up, then you definitely remember the dogs in the story and their collective hatred toward squirrels.  It is not made clear why they hate squirrels and it is uncertain whether or not the squirrels even deserve it.  However, one thing is a guarantee.  If squirrels make their way into your attic this winter, you will have to agree with the dogs.  Luckily, ALCO Squirrel Control offers squirrel removal in Newark to help homeowners avoid these problems.

Squirrels may seem harmless, but they can be very dangerous to have inside your house.  Looking to escape the unfavorable conditions of the winter season, squirrels will attack a weak portion in the exterior of your house and use it as a point of entry.  Once inside they will establish a nest and chew on everything, including wiring.  This can knock out your power and even start a fire, in some cases.  Newark squirrel removal is essential to stopping any major damage before it happens.

Not only will they destroy the interior of your attic, but they also carry diseases such as: Lymes disease, rodent plague, and rabies.  If a squirrel were to bite or even touch you, you would most certainly be infected with whatever that squirrel is carrying.  Their droppings can also spread illness and these will be scattered all over your attic.

Any sign of squirrel infestation warrants a call to the professionals.  Put a stop to squirrel infestation in your attic before it is too late.  For more information about squirrel removal in Newark, call ALCO Squirrel Control today at 201-261-7566 to speak with one of our experts.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Woodpecker Removal in New Jersey

Have you ever heard a mysterious sound that drove you crazy?  The sound is a constant tapping that is about to drive you over the edge and then you finally figure it out: woodpeckers.  Although Woody Woodpecker had the potential to annoy others, woodpeckers don’t often enter in the conversation of animal and pest control.  They may be worrisome in a unique way, but woodpeckers still warrant a call to ALCO Woodpecker Control for woodpecker removal in New Jersey.  

There are two different ways woodpeckers can make your life difficult and the first method is by damaging the trees on your property.  When claiming territory, looking for food, or nesting, a woodpecker is forming some sort of hole in the tree.  Nesting is the most damaging, but all of these punctures add up and can shorten the life expectancy of even the strongest trees.  A weak or dead tree is more likely to drop big branches or fall on your house or car.  

The second area affected by woodpeckers is your house.  Food can only be found in trees that provide nourishing insects, but an area to claim territory or nest can be anything made out of wood.  Structure damage can be incurred on any wooden part of your house that the woodpecker can get into with its beak.  Sometimes a spot made of other material such as the chimney can be vulnerable too.

As with any animal control, DIY methods are always an option, but not the best one.  Let the professionals at ALCO Woodpecker Control provide you with a permanent solution instead.  For more information about woodpecker removal in New Jersey, call us today at 201-261-7566 to speak with one of our experts.

NJ Squirrel Removal

In the winter, people want to limit their time outside in the cold and enjoy staying inside for warmth and comfort.  Squirrels have these same desires and will usually do whatever they can to get inside of houses.  Thanks to their clever nature and physical ability, they often succeed and can end up establishing themselves in your attic.  ALCO Animal and Pest Control deals with many cases just like this every year and has the experience to provide effective squirrel removal in New Jersey.

A squirrel inside your home is a squirrel that will inevitably cause damage to your property or your family.  One of their uses for your attic is to build a nest and turn only a few squirrels into a major problem very quickly.  Since their teeth continue to grow, squirrels and other rodents have to chew on things to keep their teeth sharp and worn down.  Some items they may choose to chew on include: wiring, support beams, drywall, insulation, and much more.  This damage can be very costly and lead to further incidental damage if not handled through NJ squirrel removal.

If squirrels are already in your home, it is not safe to try anything on your own.  There are DIY methods that exist for preventing squirrel nesting, but squirrel removal in New Jersey should really be left to professionals.  Squirrels can be carrying diseases that are harmful to human health, one of which is rabies.  A bite, scratch, or any other contact is enough to pass these illnesses on.

Although they may be cute and you might want them to be comfortable this winter, there is no place in the home for squirrels.  If you are seeing signs of squirrels inhabiting your attic, give ALCO Animal and Pest Control a call today at 201-261-7566, for more information on squirrel removal in New Jersey.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Exterminators in Essex County

Walk into a Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target, or any local grocery store and you will come across a section for pest removal.  In these aisles, you can find standard items such as mouse traps, roach motels, and a multitude of sprays to handle an infestation at your house.  However, if you have ever purchased these things or know someone who has, there is a good chance that the problem was either temporarily solved or not solved at all.  In order to properly remove pests from your home or business, your only real option is to contact exterminators in Essex County.

Mice can usually outsmart traps and even steal the food from them without any repercussions.  Roach motels might kill a group of insects, but the bugs reproduce so quickly that doing anything but attacking the source is not worth your time.  Many of the household sprays you use are not only inhumane, but are dangers to your family’s health as well.  ALCO Animal & Pest Control’s Essex County exterminators employ humane methods of pest removal and safeguard your family from any possible collateral damage.

Our primary plan of attack is to find the source of the infestation, remove the pests from your home, and take preventative steps to avoid any reinfestation in the future.  The professionals we send to your home or business have experience dealing with pests of every kind. If there is any solution to your problem, ALCO Animal & Pest Control is that solution.

Rodents and insects can negatively affect the well-being of your employees and family.  Stop this infestation issue before it leads to bigger problems.  To find out more about our exterminators in Essex County and to receive a free estimate, call us today at 201-261-7566.

Commercial Pest Control in Morris County

Are you looking for a commercial pest control company in Morris County?  Hopefully, pests are currently not an issue for you and the only living things in your business are customers and employees.  However, this is not always the case and workplaces end up with many uninvited guests that can lead to a host of problems.  For the best commercial pest control in Morris County, Alco Animal & Pest Control can protect your commercial interests.

A happy employee is a productive employee and there is nothing to be happy about when there are roaches or mice in the workplace.  Your employees will dread coming to work each day knowing that they may find droppings or other evidence of pests near their desks.  Word of mouth is also a threat when those workers go home and tell their friends and families what kind of conditions exist in the office.  These complications can be easily avoided with commercial pest control to keep your workers enthusiastic about their jobs.

There is also the issue of laws and ordinances.  While especially true for establishments serving food, every commercial building is expected to adhere to certain health and safety codes.  Your employees’ feelings will not matter if your business is shut down indefinitely.  If you are in danger of breaking these codes, commercial pest control may be your only option for staying in business.

If you are starting to find evidence of an infestation such as: droppings, bite marks, or strange noises, it is time to fix the problem before it gets out of hand.  For more information on commercial pest control services in Morris County, please call Alco Animal & Pest Control today at 201-261-7566 to speak with one of our experts.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Squirrel Removal in New Jersey

Anyone who has purchased and set up a bird feeder in their yard knows how frustrating it can be to deal with squirrels.  What is intended to attract different types of birds ends up being emptied within a day or two by the unintended four-legged guests.  Even the feeders designed to prevent squirrel intrusion by catering only to birds often fail as well.  For assistance with squirrel removal in New Jersey, ALCO Animal and Pest Control has the experience to handle these clever, but pesky animals.

You might not have any bird feeders or are not necessarily bothered by squirrels eating from them, but squirrels can be more bothersome than that.  One should really be concerned if squirrels have somehow found their way into an attic or other areas of the home.  Once inside, squirrels will chew on many materials and can cause damage to wiring.  There are home methods that can be used for squirrel removal in New Jersey, but the overwhelming result seems to be that these are temporary solutions.  It is best to choose a permanent solution by trusted experts.

It is important to point out that the squirrels are not hurt by any actions we take.  Every method we employ is effective, but also humane.  Squirrels are a part of the ecosystem and our purpose is to ensure no damage is incurred by you or your family.  

For more information about squirrel removal in New Jersey and same-day services for your home or office, please call us at 201-261-7566.