Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mice Control in NJ

Mice are known to cause havoc whenever they infest any home. The eat cereals, clothing, furniture, burrow into the attic, damage the insulation and fill the whole house with their smelly feces. The mice living in the walls make disturbing noises at night that they disturb the occupants of the home. Mice are also known to spread a number of bacterial and viral diseases to pets and humans. It is important to get rid of the mice as soon as you notice that their presence at home. They give birth frequently and have many young ones that practically colonize your home.

If you have a mice problem in your NJ home, consider seeking the assistance of a professional exterminator to deal with the problem for good. At ALCO Animal & Pest Control, we specialize in mice control in NJ. Our animal and mice control technicians can get to the bottom of the issue and remove the mice in your home.  

Mice Control in NJ 
Before the exterminator poisons and kills the mice, he searches for possible areas at home where the mice could be hiding. It is important that all the feeding sites and points of entry into the house be identified and eliminated. Otherwise, the same locations will attract other rodents after the current lot has been eliminated.

You are advised to put all your food in tightly closed containers mainly made of glass or metal. You should also dispose and destroy any trashcans at home. Other sources of food such as dirty sinks, kitchen floors, and counter tops must be cleaned. 

The exterminators use a variety of techniques to get rid of the mice. They range from trap glue, physical traps, and baits. The choice of the method that the exterminator will use depends on if there are pets and small children, the possible hideouts of the mice and the level of the rodent infestation at home. Two or more methods can be combined for effectiveness

Reputable exterminators also dispose of the mice once they have been caught or killed. A thorough inspection is also done to ensure that there are no mice left in the hideouts.

Once this is done all the holes, cracks and crevices are sealed with concrete, sealants, or steel. Similarly, any open areas around the gas lines, water and sewerage pipes, and air conditioning vents are also sealed. This prevents easy entry of other groups of mice in the future.  

You are advised to clear any bushes that are near the house and dig compost pits several meters from the house. 

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