Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Catch a Possum NJ

When you first realize that you have possums living near or inside your home, you might be quick to ask how to catch a possum NJ. Possums are slow by nature and are unable to run away. Although they are fairly timid, they are known to bare all 50 teeth and hiss. There are two main ways to catch a possum NJ.

The first way to catch a possum is with a humane trap that has a trap door and some sort of bait inside. The trouble with this is that your may catch a neighbors pet, or worse, an animal more violent than an opossum. Since you yourself have to open the trap to release the animal, a trap could be tricky especially if you catch an animal like a skunk.

Another popular way to catch a possum is with your hands. It is quite possible to distract the opossum with one hand and grab it by the tail with your other hand. It is unlikely for the opossum to bite you during this process, but you should wear gloves in case of fleas, ticks or disease.

If you're looking for how to catch a opossum NJ, the previous two ways are the most popular and the most easy. It isn't advised that you take this matter into your own hands though, because you may leave other opossums behind or injure yourself and the opossum in the process of removing it from your home. If you want to know how to catch a possum in the easiest manner, contact Alco Animal & Pest Control to take care of the situation for you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Possum in the House NJ

If you find signs of a NJ possum in the house, you'll want to immediately take steps in removing it. An opossum can reach sizes of a cat and weight up to 13 pounds, but its timid nature and nocturnal habits are a guarantee that it will be hard to find inside of your home. Opossums are most frequently founds in attics, basements and even inside of walls. Since they are nomadic creatures, the fact that they are inside of your home shows that they are looking for a place to settle down and give birth.

Attempting to remove the opossum in the house NJ yourself can be a tiring feat. Even if it is inside of the living quarters and not the walls or ceilings, they are very shy and often find obscure places to hide. If you try to remove a possum in the house yourself you may come across a few problems. One of those problems is that the possum may become fearful and react by hissing and baring their sharp teeth. Another possibility is that the opossum “plays possum” and remains still and pretends to be dead. Although this might seem like it would provide an easy opportunity to grab and remove of the mammal, it's important to note that when an opossum does this, it also secretes a terrible smell to help convince its predators that it is dead and rotting.
A NJ possum in the house can be discomforting and hard to remove. A professional can easily remove the NJ opossum from attics, walls and other locations in and around the house. Experts at Alco Pest and Animal Control can safely and effectively remove these pesky critters from your home.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Opossums in the Attic NJ

Opossums, which are usually timid and docile animals, can make nest in your home. Opossums in the attic in NJ are a frequent occurrence since the space allows them to be removed from predators. When an opossum gets into your home it is usually because the female is looking to give birth. An opossum can give birth to a liter as large as 20. These baby possums are as small as honeybees and live inside the mother's pouch until they are old enough to climb onto the mother's back and eventually move around on its own. Unfortunately, it is common for half the liter to die before being old enough to leave the pouch. For this reason it is important to immediately remove opossums from your home as soon as you realize that there are opossums in your attic. A group of dead possums will not only create a terrible stench but also allow your home to become susceptible to disease.

For quick, safe and humane removal of NJ opossums in your attic, contact Alco Pest & Animal Control today. Take care of your home and family by ridding your attic of wild animals.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Types of Possum Problems

Opossums are attracted to man-made living spaces because of their advantages from the weather and predators as well as their close location to water and food. Opossums begin to create problems when they find your home and rely on your garbage for food and pet bowls for water.

Types of possum problems in New Jersey include:
  • Stealing your pets food 
  • Ripping apart and scattering your garbage 
  • Biting your pets ( Opossums have 50 sharp teeth) 
  • Carrying insects such as fleas and ticks into your home 
  • Leaving behind feces and allowing your home to become susceptible to disease such as salmonella 
  • Raising a liter as large as 20 inside of your home's spaces (attics and basements are perfect homes for mother opossums) 
  • Strong glad excrement similar to that of skunks 

The types of possum problems in NJ are many. It is not uncommon for possums to make nest in homes and get trapped in walls and small spaces where they die and need to found and removed. Since opossum babies rely on the mother and are not immediately independent, ask a professional to remove these animals from your home so none are left behind and capable of creating more problems. Alco Animal & Pest Control in New Jersey employs professionals trained and experienced in opossum removal so you can be sure your home is safe from all types of opossum problems.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Opossum Removal NJ

If you are looking for opossum removal from your New Jersey home there are a few facts you should learn about them. Opossums are only native to North America and they are the only marsupials that are native in North America. Opossums are like the Australian native marsupial, the Kangaroo because females that carry their young in their pouch. Possums are nocturnal animals that are rarely seen in the day time. They are known for their amusing habit of playing dead when they feel threatened. Opossums are scavenger animals whose diet consists of everything from vegetables to snails and even rodents. They are also adaptable creatures and can make home wherever water, food and shelter exists.

If an opossum has made it's way into your home, the smartest option for you is to have expert opossum removal NJ from your home. Although it is unlikely that the opossum will fight back if you try to catch it yourself, it is very likely, especially during breeding season, for there to be young opossums in your home as well. Since opossums have many young in each litter is important for an expert to safely remove all opossums from your home.

Although opossums are usually clean animals and it is uncommon for them to carry disease, they are capable of carrying insects like ticks and fleas. Opossums are also likely to bring disease into your home by the feces that they leave behind. For these reasons, if opossums are close to your home, they must be removed. Alco Animal & Pest Control provides full possum removal control services in NJ.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bed Bug Extermination Services NJ

Bed bugs, despite their very small size, can be a large and horrific problem. Due to their small nature it may be difficult to see if there are bed bugs on the furniture in your home. If there appear to be obvious signs of a bed bug infestation, such as frequently waking up with new and small bites, you should consider the appropriate actions to take in ridding your home of these blood-sucking insects. Alco Animal and Pest control has years of experience in safe and quick bed bug extermination.

Alco's bed bug extermination services NJ are reliable because of the knowledge and experience of the pest control specialists. Bed bugs are resilient creatures and although they usually seek blood every five to ten days, they can live as long as eighteen months without feeding. Because of their tiny size and adaptability, bed bugs can be a hard pest to remove from your home. Bed bug exterminators at Alco have been well experienced in this field and can help effectively remove them so you can once again live and sleep comfortably.

Alco Pest control prides itself on quick and safe pest removal to guarantee the extermination of bed bugs NJ. For same day pest control, contact Alco for immediate removal of these insects.