Monday, February 6, 2017

Animal Control In NJ

Tired of all those stray dogs and cats populating your local area? Want to have those stray kittens immediately taken care of? Wish to search for a shelter for the abandoned puppies? Have you noticed an animal without the liberty to enjoy the basic needs to survive?

If you care for all those animals that you see trapped, abandoned, ill or crying on the roads, you can join the team of Animal Control services. No, we don’t expect you to work in the team; we simply expect you to call a proper Animal Control service company and have the animals taken care of.

An Animal Control service is a department or office that takes the responsibility of controlling the animals. Along with controlling, this office is also responsible for the disposition of the animals.

The major question is – what to look for while choosing Animal Control in NJ? Today, we at ALCO NJ Animal & Pest Control would like to help to answer this question.

Animal Control In NJ 
The first thing that you need to search for is a company that doesn’t harm the animals. In the past, there have been several cases in which the Animal Control service companies have harmed the stray animals. If you care for your pawed friends, you need a company that would take care of the animals and not hurt them in any manner. We have only ever used humane methods when we arrive at the scene of an unwanted animal.

The second thing to look for is the location of the company. You can’t expect a team from another state or city to drop into your location and take care of the animals you care for. You need to find a company that is local. We happen to be located in Bloomfield, New Jersey, if you’re in the area you can connect with our executives that represent the department and find out how soon a team can be arranged for the animals that need your help. Remember – sooner the better is the mantra you need to follow in taking care of the stray animals.

The third thing that you need to search for is the experience of the team of the company. You can’t trust a team that’s popular for hitting or hurting the animals. Unless you are not sure about how the team would handle the animals you want to be taken care of, do not call the company. There are several Animal Control service companies that pay no attention to even the basic needs of the animals. There is no point in having such teams work for you. After all, you want the animals to get a shelter and not eventually die.

The last thing that you need to look for is a company that really wants to help the stray animals. There are several companies that ensure to take proper care of the animals, provide them with food, water and shelter and then have them adopted by families that wish to have pets. Never go for companies that are known for hitting, neutering or spaying the animals. Always search for a company that promises to find a proper shelter for the animal and ensures to take care of it until a family is found. We keep the safety of the animals and yours in our best interest, we take care of them by taking them to an appropriate shelter.

To learn more about animal control in NJ or about us at ALCO NJ Pest & Animal Control please call us at 973-540-9944. One of our experts will be happy to speak with you.