Thursday, June 28, 2012

NJ Wasp Removal Services

Around this time of year, many people will be dialing up their local NJ wasp removal company in order to deal with an unwanted wasp nest or population. If you happen to be one of those people, make sure not to take the issue lightly. Wasps can be a very dangerous pest if not handled carefully. 

Near the end of the summer, between the months of August and October, they can come to be very aggressive in search of food because their natural prey is no longer in season. Do not let an issue like this get out of hand. Make sure you call a professional service like NJ Alco Pest Control to deal with your NJ wasp removal services.

Because wasps resemble bees so closely, it may be difficult at first to determine whether or not you have a wasp problem and not a bee problem. Our team of wasp specialists can effectively identify the insect or pest that is bothering you and deal with it promptly and professionally. Some things to look out for if you are unsure of whether you have bees or wasps include:

- Size: wasps are generally slimmer and longer than bees
- Hairy: bees tend to have very hairy bodies whereas wasps are streamlined
- Nest: if you happen to find the nest of the insect, identify the composition; wasps reside in paper nests whereas bees create their homes through a certain kind of wax
- Food: bees are well-known pollinators where wasps are generally predatory insects

NJ Alco Pest Control uses safe, effective and humane pesticides to deal with your unfortunate wasp problem. Our team of wasp specialists can effectively handle any NJ wasp removal services that you and your loved ones may require. During our removal process, we try to be as unobtrusive as possible to cause the least number of issues for you and your loved ones. Our customers are our number one priority, as we make sure to keep you satisfied with the services that we provide you.

If you or someone you know has a wasp infestation, or would like some help identifying the issue, give NJ Alco Pest control a call to deal with your wasp removal service. In addition to our NJ wasp removal services, we also provide removal services for ants, bees, termites and many more pests! Give us a call today at 973-540-9944 for a same-day pest control services. Our team of trained wasp specialists will be happy to give you answers or feedback on any questions comments or concerns that you may have!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Carpenter Ant Removal in NJ

Carpenter Ants are just a small part of our very big eco-system. Most of us do not worry about such small things, so we continually live our lives unbeknownst to the reality of how important carpenter ant removal in NJ really is. Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control understand this and provides its clients with the best in pest control in NJ.

Carpenter ants are black or sometimes a mixture of black and red and can grow to the size of half an inch. By nature, this animal is relatively harmless, living its life in the colony and working with wood; hence the name "carpenter ant." It is when these insects are confronted with things or situations that are unfamiliar to them that they can turn aggressive. Another disturbing point that must be made is the fact that these insect can actually bite. Carpenter ant removal in NJ must not be taken lightly because there have been documented cases in which there have been hospitalizations because of carpenter ant bites, which can transfer diseases.

Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control prides itself in providing the best in carpenter ant removal in NJ by having services such same-day removal and 24-hour emergency removal. We use techniques that are guaranteed to be safe and humane for our clients and the pests we remove. Our Animal Control experts are experienced and well-trained, ensuring that the job gets done right the first time.

After calling us we will send technicians to your house so that they could formulate a plan with you that will remove the pests as well stop the pest from coming again. For the best in pest control in NJ please call us at: (201)261-7566!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wasp Removal in NJ

It's a bird, it's a bee,'s a...wasp?
Wasps are now becoming more and more visible as the summer continues to settle in. This makes wasp removal in NJ more important because of their growing numbers.

Wasps are naturally passive insects and do not tend to cause harm. The biggest danger comes when they feel they, or for some wasps, their nests, are being threatened. When a nest is disturbed wasps will fly out with a certain wing beat frequency that warns other wasps that their is a potential threat and to go into "protection" mode. Wasps, just like bees, have stingers they use to attack their advisories and also have venom in their stingers. For the aforementioned reasons, it is important that wasp removal in NJ is handled by professionals.

Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control could be the answer to your call. After many years in the industry, we have developed safe and humane techniques to remove wasps and other pests from your home, yard or office. We take pride in our ability to provide our clients with same day service.

We will send our expert technicians that specialize in wasp removal in NJ to asses the situation and work with you to formulate a plan that will safely remove the pests. At Alco NJ, we also provide our clients with a 24-hour removal service.

If you have any questions or comments about our services please do not hesitate to call us at (201)261-7566!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Carpenter Bee Removal in NJ (Bee Careful!)

Carpenter Bees are an unique type of bee. They look like regular bumble-bees, yellow all around with that familiar black stripe. Like most bees you can also find them around flowers and plants pollinating the earth as mother nature dictates. Unlike most bees, they do not have to necessarily live in bee-hives. They can create "shop" in planks of wood, which is where their name actually derives from. These bees are not naturally aggressive, but when they feel threatened, the female bees are able to sting an enemy. This can be fatal for people who are highly allergic.  This is why carpenter bee removal in NJ is so important. Planks of wood, houses, sheds, attics and basements have now become primary locations where carpenter bees can live. Luckily, there is animal and pest control in NJ that can handle this.

ALCO NJ Animal and Pest Control has been in the industry for many years and has become a titan of it. One of our keys to success is our ability to safely and humanely remove pests and animals within the same day of the call. Another one of our methods is to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level possible.

Our expertly trained technicians will stop at nothing to make sure that the job gets done right the first time. In terms of carpenter bee removal in NJ, after we remove the insects from your home, yard or lawn, we will work with you to create a plan that would stop them from coming back again. For any question about animal or pest control in NJ, please call us at: (201)261-7566!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Squirrel Removal in NJ

Squirrels are a common sight wherever you go. Wherever there are trees, you will find a squirrel mucking about either in search for food or quickly darting back and forth for what seems to be almost recreation for them. These furry creatures are seen as cute and cuddly but ultimately they can become a dangerous nuisance. That is when ALCO NJ Animal and Pest Control can help you with squirrel removal in NJ.

Squirrels with their agile bodies are able to reach high places and often get themselves into trouble. For example, it is not uncommon for squirrels to reach bird-feeders and take the food intended for the birds. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but after weeks of coming home to a knocked down bird-feeder, it may get overwhelming.

Squirrels by nature are usually not aggressive creatures, but when put into unknown circumstances, their reactions might be different. Animal control in NJ provided by ALCO NJ Animal and Pest Control is necessary in situations where squirrels feel threatened or if they feel that their babies are in danger. Squirrels become defensive and have been known to scratch, bite and growl. This may cause further problems because squirrels have been known to transmit diseases such as rabies, which will ultimately lead to a unwanted visit to hospital or doctor.

Squirrel removal in NJ is a serious matter and should only be entrusted to only the best animal and pest removers. ALCO NJ Animal and Pest Control has been in animal control in NJ for many years and prides itself in provide same day service as well as safe techniques of removal that will not harm the animal or the people around. Please Contact us at : (201)261-7566 to find out how can ALCO NJ Animal and Pest Control can help you!