Friday, September 23, 2011

Bedbug Control NJ

Bedbugs have the potential to be a very annoying pest.  They have incredible mobility with the ability to climb and jump, and are attracted to sources of heat, primarily people sleeping in their beds.  Their bites are not typically felt until hours after they feed.  Bed bugs are also strictly nocturnal, and will only strike at night when you and your family are the most vulnerable.  Bedbugs have the ability to go undetected for several months and multiply at a very fast rate.  One female bed bug can produce up to five eggs a day.  This alone makes bedbug control a priority should you find your home infested with them. 

If you suspect you have bedbugs, do not toss your mattress.  Simply call Alco NJ Animal & Pest Control, who specializes in bedbug removal in NJ.  The methods and tools we use for bedbug extermination in NJ are very effective, yet both safe and humane, limiting the risk to those who sleep in the affected rooms and leaving no chemical odors.  We offer same day service so we can use our expertise in bedbug control to remove the infestation.


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