Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Possum in the House NJ

If you find signs of a NJ possum in the house, you'll want to immediately take steps in removing it. An opossum can reach sizes of a cat and weight up to 13 pounds, but its timid nature and nocturnal habits are a guarantee that it will be hard to find inside of your home. Opossums are most frequently founds in attics, basements and even inside of walls. Since they are nomadic creatures, the fact that they are inside of your home shows that they are looking for a place to settle down and give birth.

Attempting to remove the opossum in the house NJ yourself can be a tiring feat. Even if it is inside of the living quarters and not the walls or ceilings, they are very shy and often find obscure places to hide. If you try to remove a possum in the house yourself you may come across a few problems. One of those problems is that the possum may become fearful and react by hissing and baring their sharp teeth. Another possibility is that the opossum “plays possum” and remains still and pretends to be dead. Although this might seem like it would provide an easy opportunity to grab and remove of the mammal, it's important to note that when an opossum does this, it also secretes a terrible smell to help convince its predators that it is dead and rotting.
A NJ possum in the house can be discomforting and hard to remove. A professional can easily remove the NJ opossum from attics, walls and other locations in and around the house. Experts at Alco Pest and Animal Control can safely and effectively remove these pesky critters from your home.


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