Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bat Removal in NJ (Bats do not give you superpowers)

Bats are similar to humans in the sense that we are both mammals, have hair, give birth to living young and nurture their young using mammary glands. It is possible that this is the reason why Bats have always had a special place in how we personify them. Bats are often personified as supernatural creatures that posses superpowers. One type of bat turns you into a vampire while the other makes you a superhero.This, of course, is based purely on fantasy and Bat Removal in NJ is something that should not be played around with. It is true that Bats in NJ are more often than not gentle creatures that care more about consuming insects than anything else. It is when these bats feel threatened or feel that their pups are in danger is when their more aggressive nature comes out. Bats have been known to screech, scratch and even bite. Bat bites do not give you any super powers and its a one way trip to the hospital. Luckily, there is Animal Control in NJ that understands this and provides complete Bat Removal Services in NJ. ALCO NJ Animal and Pest Control prides itself in using safe and humane methods when removing and controlling flying bats. If you believe that there is a bat in your house please contact us immediately. We will arrive to the site and asses the situation. If we do find that there is bat problem, we will work with you to formulate a plan that will result in the immediate and safe removal of the bat. For any inquires regarding bat or other animal control services do not hesitate to call: (201) 261-7566! 


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