Thursday, June 28, 2012

NJ Wasp Removal Services

Around this time of year, many people will be dialing up their local NJ wasp removal company in order to deal with an unwanted wasp nest or population. If you happen to be one of those people, make sure not to take the issue lightly. Wasps can be a very dangerous pest if not handled carefully. 

Near the end of the summer, between the months of August and October, they can come to be very aggressive in search of food because their natural prey is no longer in season. Do not let an issue like this get out of hand. Make sure you call a professional service like NJ Alco Pest Control to deal with your NJ wasp removal services.

Because wasps resemble bees so closely, it may be difficult at first to determine whether or not you have a wasp problem and not a bee problem. Our team of wasp specialists can effectively identify the insect or pest that is bothering you and deal with it promptly and professionally. Some things to look out for if you are unsure of whether you have bees or wasps include:

- Size: wasps are generally slimmer and longer than bees
- Hairy: bees tend to have very hairy bodies whereas wasps are streamlined
- Nest: if you happen to find the nest of the insect, identify the composition; wasps reside in paper nests whereas bees create their homes through a certain kind of wax
- Food: bees are well-known pollinators where wasps are generally predatory insects

NJ Alco Pest Control uses safe, effective and humane pesticides to deal with your unfortunate wasp problem. Our team of wasp specialists can effectively handle any NJ wasp removal services that you and your loved ones may require. During our removal process, we try to be as unobtrusive as possible to cause the least number of issues for you and your loved ones. Our customers are our number one priority, as we make sure to keep you satisfied with the services that we provide you.

If you or someone you know has a wasp infestation, or would like some help identifying the issue, give NJ Alco Pest control a call to deal with your wasp removal service. In addition to our NJ wasp removal services, we also provide removal services for ants, bees, termites and many more pests! Give us a call today at 973-540-9944 for a same-day pest control services. Our team of trained wasp specialists will be happy to give you answers or feedback on any questions comments or concerns that you may have!


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