Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Animal Removal in Attic NJ

Your attic is the perfect breeding ground for raccoons and numerous other animals. They are warm (relatively compared to outside anyway). They are dark. And they have the materials necessary to build a nest. If you need any animal removal in your NJ attic, ALCO NJ Animal Control provides animal removal in NJ attics to alleviate your problem while using the most humane methods possible.

Keeping an animal in your attic can be hazardous to your health and your home. Animals such as mice and rats have a history of being disease carriers. The Bubonic plague started was started with rats in the attic. If ALCO NJ Rat Control was around, it would have been known as the Bubonic Slight Nuisance. Even animals that are not known for carrying disease such as squirrels and raccoons can contaminate a home. They leave waste all over which is not sanitary and causes humans to get sick.

Many animals will also chew through wiring to build nests and such. This can cause blackouts and even fires. These are all problems that you do not need. For years, ALCO has been putting an end to these problems. We offer same day service and even have a 24 hour emergency service available. All services are fully guaranteed.

Not only will we remove any small rodents or animals in your attic, but any other animal that is plaguing your property. Coyotes are becoming more of a problem in suburban and rural areas. We can humanely remove them from your property. Maybe a groundhog is eating up your garden. One call to us and it is gone. We also have insect control services available for a wide variety of bugs, including but not limited to:

Bed bugs

If you need to remove animals in your attic NJ, call us at 973-540-9944.

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