Friday, May 3, 2013

We Provide Bird Removal in Essex County

Everybody has heard of bird infestations. It is time that you do something about it. If you have birds infesting your home or business, ALCO NJ Bird Control provides services for bird removal in Essex County. Our staff is experienced and professional, and we only use safe, humane and non-toxic methods and equipment with all of our removal services. No birds or any other type of wildlife are harmed in our removal services.

There are many types of birds removed in Essex County. The most common birds found in New Jersey are pigeons, woodpeckers, starlings and sparrows. We have the knowledge and skills to remove these or any other kind of bird that may be plaguing your home or business. Birds can appear harmless at first, but in time can grow to be quite problematic. They can become dangerous when threatened and even spread disease from the mess that they leave on your premises.

If you have a bird problem, it is best you contact a professional. ALCO offers same day service as well as 24 hour emergency services, so that our clients do not have to suffer these conditions. Our services are not only for birds, but any other insect or animal that you may be having problems with. If you would like more information on Essex County bird removal or any of our other services, call us at 973-540-9944.

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