Monday, September 30, 2013

Tips for Dealing With Winter Pests

Although spring and summer are truly the worst seasons for pest control NJ, there are plenty of problems that homeowners can encounter during the cold winter months. Alco NJ Pest Control has released a list of nuisance pests that you might need professional assistance to deal with:

Overwintering insects are bugs that “hibernate” in a sense – they remain dormant in a nest, hive or similar structure throughout the winter. If this hive is in your home, you should take any steps necessary to remove it before spring time.

Bugs or other pests can be brought in through firewood, so it is recommended that before the weather is too cold you stock your firewood and hose it off before bringing it inside the house.

Bugs are a huge problem during the winter, because as long as there is food and warmth they will be able to survive. Spiders, moths, flies, bed bugs and ants are just some of the pests that you might have in your home or business, and even though you can take care of the bugs you can see, it is advised that you always consult experts and get pest control NJ.

Rodents are masterful creatures when it comes to surviving harsh conditions, and they can be a difficult task to face when you need to remove rats or mice. Take steps to reduce your risk of getting these pesky critters in your house by covering and containing food or by sealing any potential entryways. If you see a mouse or a rat in your house, immediately call an NJ pest control technician.

Winter is always a challenge for homeowners, but pest control doesn't need to be a factor in getting through this part of the year. Alco Pest Control NJ can answer any questions about winter pest control, so call us today at 201-261-7566.


  1. I agree that winter is always a challenge but if homeowners knew pest control services especially in Houston they can control the winter pests.

  2. You really have to get in the mind of the bug to find where they're coming from. It must be really interesting to get into the mind of pest control professionals. Do you ever find yourself thinking on a bugs wave length to find their source?
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  3. These pests always find a way to brood in the dark places during the winter in your house! Isn't that the worst?! Last winter I had to call some pest control to take care of this ant problem.
    Sylvia |

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