Thursday, October 17, 2013

Learn About “Fall Invaders”

There is a subset of pest control problem that does not signal an infestation or that your home is being overrun – these are simply pests trying to use your home for the winter. Called “overwintering insects” and “fall invaders”, around this time of year it is not uncommon for homeowners to notice pill bugs, earwigs, millipedes and more to wind up in areas like attics, near baseboards, behind drapes or basically anywhere. Most of these bugs will die because of the dry and hot indoor air, but those that do not are the ones that will require pest control in NJ in order to help stop.

The first line of defense is usually an outside barrier treatment. This treatment should be done ASAP because chances are if you are having it done late into the fall season (around halfway through October is a good deadline) the bugs are most likely already inside. Check places like your indoor plants for signs. Most bugs – even the ones that eat other bugs – will congregate near this open food source. Clear away rotting leaves and debris from your plants and keep them trim so that you can keep a handle on any bugs that might try to make this area home.

While pestproofing is something a homeowner usually must undertake on his or her own, NJ pest control companies like Alco Pest Control NJ are willing to help go over hotspots and ensure openings are sealed correctly. An easy way to start this is to pull woodpiles, mulch, plants and debris away from your home foundation. Bugs will live in this material and if they are allowed to crawl around the outside of your house, there is a higher chance you will be seeing them inside.

No one can truly seal their home completely against bugs, but by getting in touch with a professional pest control company you can take the first step. Contact an expert at Alco Pest Control NJ and get the “fall Invaders” out.

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