Friday, July 11, 2014

Removal of Bed Bugs in NJ

Are you looking for bed bug removal in NJ? Alco Animal and Pest Control has been providing services for the removal of bed bugs in NJ since 1995. Our pest control specialists are trained to safely, humanely and efficiently remove unwanted pests from your home or office. Whether you need bed big removal in your home or commercial building, our trained pest control specialists will arrive on-site and rid you of your pests as quickly as possible.

Bed bugs tend to spend the day hiding in and under surfaces such as cracks in the walls or floors and under beds. They make themselves known by smelling like the odor of rotting raspberries and having a linear bite pattern, typically consisting of three bites in a row. If you are waking up and finding blood stains on sheets and bites on your body, it may be time to hire a service for removal of bed bugs in NJ.

At Alco Animal and Pest Control, our pest control specialists will do everything they can to remove the bed bugs and ensure that they never return. The removal of bed bugs can be a somewhat intensive process, but with our pest professionals, you have nothing to worry about. We provide services the removal of bed bugs in NJ in the following counties:

For more information of bed bug removal in NJ, contact Alco Animal and Pest Control at 973-540-9944.

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