Monday, October 6, 2014

Rat Removal in NJ

Are you looking for rat removal in NJ? Alco Animal & Pest Control has been providing homes and offices with quality pest control and removal in NJ since 1995. If a rat has invaded your home or business, our trained professionals are ready and equipped to provide quality same-day service. Humane and environmentally-safe products are always used to ensure the well-being of your pets and family, because the safety of our customers is our highest priority.

Because rats can contaminate food through their droppings, urine and hair, it is very important to have them removed from your home immediately. In addition, their chewing habits have been known for causing fires if they encounter any electrical wiring. If you encounter a rat or a rat nest in your home or shed, contact the professionals at Alco Animal & Pest Control for services for rat removal in NJ.

Alco Animal & Pest Control’s rat specialists will do a complete inspection of your home to identify the rat’s point of entry and any potential nests. Once the source is identified, we will treat it immediately. After the rat removal has been completed, we will take the necessary steps to prevent any future rat infestations. All of our services for rat removal in NJ are completely guaranteed.

For more information regarding rat removal in NJ and any other pest or animal concerns, call Alco Animal & Pest Control at 201-261-7566 today!

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