Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Raccoon Removal in North NJ

Do you need raccoon removal in North NJ? If so, ALCO Animal & Pest Control provides fast and efficient removal services. Since 1995, our pest removal company has been coming to the rescue for both homeowners and business owners throughout North NJ. Our animal removal experts are highly experienced at removing raccoons of all sizes. We will not leave your property until your raccoon invasion is completely eliminated.

Raccoons tend to find nesting places in dark areas such as attics, basements and crawl spaces. Whether you have witnessed the raccoon or you suspect one is invading your home or office, our experts will inspect your entire property to determine the extent of your raccoon problem. Our animal removal specialists can handle invasions ranging from one raccoon to several. No matter how many raccoons we find, our professionals will remove every last one.

For more than 15 years, we have been responding to customer calls as quickly as possible. If you have a raccoon in your home or office, do not try to remove the animal with nonprofessional help. Raccoons can carry and transmit roundworm, rabies or other viral diseases. At ALCO Animal & Pest Control, your safety is our number one concern. We guarantee to perform safe and humane raccoon removal in North NJ.

We specialize in raccoon removal in North NJ for the following counties:

Raccoon Removal in Bergen County, NJ
Raccoon Removal in Essex County, NJ
Raccoon Removal in Hudson County, NJ
Raccoon Removal in Hunterdon County, NJ
Raccoon Removal in Middlesex County, NJ
Raccoon Removal in Monmouth County, NJ
Raccoon Removal in Morris County, NJ
Raccoon Removal in Ocean County, NJ
Raccoon Removal in Passaic County, NJ
Raccoon Removal in Somerset County, NJ
Raccoon Removal in Sussex County, NJ
Raccoon Removal in Union County, NJ
Raccoon Removal in Warren County, NJ

For more information on raccoon removal in North NJ, call ALCO Animal & Pest Control today at 973-540-9944!


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  2. I had an experience where a raccoon was in my back yard under my deck. We were worried that one day it would attack so we went and had it removed. It took awhile but we were able to get it captured and returned into the woods.

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