Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Squirrel Removal in NJ

Squirrels are a constant nuisance in NJ. We see them everywhere, in front yards, at the park, running across the street, there isn’t a square mile of the Garden State that doesn’t contain a squirrel. These persistent rodents love to wreak havoc on our residential and commercial property. Squirrels attack and devour feed in our bird feeders, gnaw on our fences to keep their teeth sharp, and even nest in our attics and basements when they find a way in. If you have this problem and need squirrel removal in NJ, let ALCO Animal & Pest Control get the job done.

Since 1995, Alco Animal & Pest Control has been providing squirrel removal services in NJ to both residential and commercial clients. Whether squirrels are invading your home or business property, our squirrel removal experts can safely and securely remove and contain all traces of the pest. Squirrels are common carriers of many animal-borne diseases, including rabies, which can be contracted by humans via bite. Don’t attempt to handle a squirrel or any wild animal on your own. Let professionals take care of the
problem for you.

ALCO Animal & Pest Control uses safe and humane methods for trapping and removing
squirrels in NJ. We use environmentally friendly products to ensure your family and/or clients are free from danger. Let us ensure these pesky critters don’t return to your home or business. If you are in need of squirrel removal in NJ, visit our website or call ALCO Animal & Pest Removal at 973-540-9944.

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