Friday, October 9, 2015

Raccoon Control in NJ

Pests come in all shapes and sizes. While most commonly associated with smaller creatures such as mice or roaches, larger creatures can also invade the home. Raccoons are among these animals because of their tendency to reside within human dwellings. For years, ALCO Animal & Pest Control has provided peace-of-mind to residents in need of raccoon control in NJ. Our efficient methods and prompt service have evicted these little scavangers from many homes promptly and with your satisfaction as our priority. Most homeowners complain of raccoons living in their attic or chimney, stealing their pet’s food, or rummaging through the garbage bins. So how would one go about removing this nuisance from their home?

There are an assortment of measures for raccoon control in NJ. The most common way to remove a raccoon is by trapping it. However, in most locations it is illegal for homeowners to go about trapping and relocating a raccoon without a license. That is because many things can go wrong, such as trapping the wrong animal or using a trap not up to standards. Raccoons are scavengers by nature, which means they will be highly adept at wiggling out or breaking free of the trap. Raccoons also carry with them an assortment of diseases, such as rabies. If one decides upon raccoon control in NJ, it is advisable for them to call a professional who is trained and properly vaccinated.

Another note to consider about trapping is the consideration of where the raccoon is in the home. If it lives in the attic, it is likely there is a family, including babies. Removing the mother from her children could bring about all sorts of potential problems. One should avoid any personal attempts at raccoon control in NJ in the attic or basement.

Raccoon repellant is another item that homeowners should be aware of. Let it be known that most of these products are inept at dealing with the problem. Whether it be a proper repellent made for raccoons or the urine of some predatory animal, the truth is these gimmicks will do little to affect the raccoon’s behavior.

Raccoons are both intelligent and highly adaptable creatures. They survive based on their foraging skills and the ability to find makeshift shelter. Raccoons can make a home in any location that has a steady food or water supply. This includes garbage bins and food or drink left for one’s pet or outdoor birds. These animals are not afraid of humans, dogs, or cats. They make their way in the world by outsmarting and outmaneuvering all types of creatures. They are not malicious, they simply have different survival instincts than other animals.

In all, if one is bothered by raccoons, it is extremely difficult to control the situation on their own. Our professional raccoon control in NJ services will give you the peace-of-mind you deserve. Most homeowners do not have the training or skill to deal with these pests. While traps and repellants may seem like an easy solution, raccoons can foil these attempts with relative ease.

When you're looking for affordable, humane raccoon control in NJ, trust ALCO Animal & Pest Control to perform with the professionalism and care necessary to get raccoons out of your house, and provide protection against future unwanted visitors.

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