Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bee Exterminator in NJ

Bee infestation? We all know that certain bees, particularly the honey bee, can be quite useful. They move pollen around which helps spread the life of plants and flowers across the landscape. And who can discredit honey, with all of its natural healing properties and delicious flavor? That said, nobody wants bees to move into their home. Our bee exterminator in NJ understands the value this insect brings the outside world, and the threat it poses to your living quarters. For years, Alco Pest Control has removed these helpful critters from NJ homes, mindful of their importance and recently dwindling numbers. We provide professional and prompt removal of bees in your home, because while they provide us with abundance, they can become a dangerous nuisance within or around the home.

In order to understand why bees have entered your home in the first place, it is wise to study a bit about their habits and lifestyle. Many bees live solitary lives, away from the pack. However, the bees you’ll find near your home typically social creatures living in a colony. Honey bees and bumble bees live in such a colony, dispersed into three caste classes: the queen bee, the worker bees, and the drone bees.

Queen bees live about five years and are easily noticed by their shape and how the other bees flock around. The bees you’ll notice around the queen are the drones. Their sole purpose is to reproduce. They will die shortly after they complete their task of fertilizing the queen. This leaves the workers as the bees you will most likely come into contact with.

In order for our bee exterminator in NJ to effectively treat the bees on your property, we would first have to determine the species of bee. You may call us for a wasp removal process, when in fact you have a bee infestation. This is a common mistake, as the insects share many similar physical characteristics. The bee removal process is different for both, however, so a proper identification is the first task at hand.

We won’t remove the bees one by one, or in the manner of any other pests. To rid your home of bees, the entire hive must be eliminated. We would highly advice the amateurs to avoid this task. You need specialized equipment and years of training to handle this job delicately. We all know that bees are aggressive when bothered. This is especially true if the queen is in jeopardy.

We have a bee exterminator in NJ available for the following counties:
For a professional and prompt bee exterminator in NJ, call the experts at Alco Animal and Pest Control today to remove queens and drones alike from your home. 

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