Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bed Bug Exterminator in Hudson County NJ

The last ten years have seen alarming increases in bed bug infestations across the United States. In New York City, there were 500 reported incidents in 2004; by 2009, that number had risen to 10,000. Across the river, increases in bed bug infestations created a real need for an expert bed bug exterminator in Hudson County NJ.

Bed bugs, from the genus Cimex, are almost imperceptibly small insects with a penchant for human blood. Their common name comes from their preferred habitat within human homes, usually found near or inside of bedding. Although bed bugs have fortunately not been shown to spread disease, their presence presents many adverse health effects for humans, including skin rashes arising from bites. Additionally, infestations often take a heavy psychological toll on those who must live among bed bugs.

Alco Pest Control uses combination-methods to eliminate the presence of bed bugs from your home and restore normalcy. For years, our professionals have assisted the residents of Hudson County and North Jersey with expert and efficient bed bug removal methods. We understand these little critters, what they've developed an immunity to, and what works to ensure their total and complete eviction from your home. Don't panic! It will be over soon! Call us for professional bed bug removal services and reclaim your bedroom and home!

Fortunately, there is a bed bug exterminator in Hudson County NJ to help infestation victims regain their quality of life. Using a combination of techniques, our professionals can help anyone suffering from a bed bug invasion drive them out.

Depending on an individual’s situation, our bed bug exterminator in Hudson County NJ will most likely use a combination of strategies to rid a home of bed bugs. Certain pesticides have proven effective in killing the insects, but many bed bug species have grown resistant to these chemicals over the years, and multiple applications may be necessary. Non-pesticide approaches are often even more effective than chemical application. Bed bugs are sensitive to temperature changes, and studies have shown that exposing infested areas to temperatures greater than 45-50 degrees Celsius for an hour effectively kills the insects.

However, it can be difficult to do this on one’s own. Waging war against these most stubborn of pests, while trying to maintain a work schedule and take care for children can prove quite exhausting. All areas of a house must be checked for infestations; otherwise, even if the bugs are eliminated from one space, they may re-infiltrate it.

We have a bed bug exterminator in Hudson County NJ on standby when you need. We are proud to provide our bed bug removal service throughout Hudson County, including the following areas:

If you find yourself surrounded by six-legged, blood-sucking strangers in your home, don’t fight the war alone. Call a professional bed bug exterminator to help get rid of the intruders once and for all!

For more information about our affordable bed bug exterminator in Hudson County NJ, call Alco Pest Control at (973) 540-9944.