Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NJ Pest Control

Due to New Jersey’s diverse eco-system there is a wide variety of pests that residents will encounter in their home. Although most of them will be an occurrence, there is always a danger of infestation. The NJ pest control experts at Alco Pest Control want you to be more familiar with the most common insects found in NJ.

Ants – One of the most prolific species of insects in the world, they account for one-fifth of the Earth’s total biomass. With the exception of carpenter ants, the ants typically found in NJ are often just a nuisance. Once ants become established in a home, they are almost impossible to eliminate without proper NJ pest control. This is due to the difficulty in location the nest and the multiple colonies they will often establish.

Camel-Back Cricket – More often referred to as Cave Crickets, these crickets are tan in color and about one inch long. Crickets feed on organic matter, but damage synthetic fabrics as well as natural. Although there is no inherent danger, their consistent chirping hits the nerves of every NJ resident.

Stink Bug – Easily identified by their hard, flat, shield-shaped protective cover on their backs, they are either beneficial insect-eaters, or plant-destroying pests. In North NJ, the brown Asian Stink Bug appears a dull brown or gray, and will feast on fruits vegetables and green plants. In the fall, thousands of these pests will congregate on the south facing side of a home looking for a way in to find shelter for the winter. When spring arrives the bugs will emerge and again create problems both inside and outside many New Jersey homes. It is important to contact a professional NJ pest control company if you suspect your home of being infested with these pests.

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  1. I know I have an ant problem in my backyard. I'm going to hire a good pest control company to come out and see if they can help with the ant problem. We're really good at not leaving food outside, I wonder why our backyard is so popular.