Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pest Control in NJ During Spring

Things You Need to Know About Pest Control in NJ During the Spring Season

With spring on its way, pests begin emerging from their winter homes to reproduce or find food. You may notice some pests around your home during this time, which may not be cause for alarm, as they have just begun re-acclimating to the warming climate. However if you notice more than a few insects on your property, swarming, or pests emerging from under your home, then it's time to call us for professional pest control in NJ.  

Alco Pest Control works with property owners to remove pests from the premises and protect against future infestation. Our professional pest control specialists use products safe to you, while effective against pest intruders. With our years of experience, we know where to look in your home for potential nesting or colony locations. Likewise, when you call us for a pest control inspection, our knowledge on many varieties of insects allows us to promptly identify signs of infestation, where they gained entry into your home, and how to get them out for good. 

As you may know, there are many types of pests that arrive with spring. Below, we'll take a look at a few culprits and how you can prevent infestation in your home.


As the ground softens, ants emerge from their homes looking for food. When they find a food source, they will begin invading by the droves to take what they can. 

Ant infestations are notorious for being difficult to eradicate on your own, but there are preventative steps you can take to minimize their presence until professional pest control specialists completely remove them. To reduce the number of ants in your home, follow their trail to their entry point into your home. Once located, use a caulk gun to seal the point and prevent their entry. Those trapped in your home can be swept up or vacuumed. You may be successful at drastically reducing their numbers, but call us for a professional ant inspection to ensure that your home is pest free.

Bed Bugs

A pest that strikes fear into the hearts of many. Like ants, bed bugs are much more active during warmer months. In fact, some homeowners may already have a bed bug infestation but aren't aware because of their winter dormancy. Bed bugs are adaptable pests, able to gain immunity to pesticides and other agents. Fortunately, there are measures that can be taken to remove each and every bed bug from your home (which is essential for long-term bed bug relief).

Intense temperatures, especially heat, prove effective against bed bugs. When used in conjunction with chemical agents, bed bugs simply don't stand a chance. For proper bed bug removal, you will need expert pest control in NJ. We schedule three sessions to remove bed bugs from your home, testing and measuring our results to ensure they are completely removed from your home.

Wasps & Bees

Discovering a wasp infestation in your home can be scary. Because of the many different types of wasps, it is best to stay away from their nest and call for professional wasp removal immediately. Some species are aggressive and will attack when threatened. Call us for emergency pest control in NJ to promptly remove bees, wasps, and protect against future infestation.

Use extreme caution when looking for the nest or site of infestation. A bee colony can range from several thousand upwards to 60,000, and, like wasps, can sting if threatened. If you notice swarming (typically at dawn or dusk), or large numbers of bees around your property, chances are you have a bee infestation. We have the safety equipment, products, and measures to get them out of your home without delay and restore safety to your home.

At Alco Pest Control, we remove all types of pests from homes and commercial properties. If you are experiencing infestation by any of the following, call us for prompt and affordable pest control in NJ:

We specialize in "spring cleaning" pests from your home. For more information about our experienced pest control in NJ, call Alco Pest Control at (973) 540-9944.

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