Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Animal Control in NJ

Fortunately, New Jersey experienced a fairly mild 2016 winter and now we anticipate warmer breezes as spring is officially underway. Most picture blossoming flowers and growing trees, chirping birds returning from their southern stay. Some picture squirrels racing through our backyards and up a tree - however we rarely picture them in our homes. Spring is a feast for the eyes, yet an animal loose in our home can yield a shriek from our mouth. When you notice unwanted guests scurrying in your home, call us for professional animal control in NJ.

ALCO Animal Control practices humane methods and features affordable prices. With our years of experience, we understand the animals native to New Jersey, those most known for finding way into houses, how they get in, and how to promptly get them out. Our methods ensure their safe capture and release, while preventing return or guests by other animals. We do more than just trap animals, we give you information about how they get in and why a particular animal might seek shelter (birth, protection, etc.) in your home. When you call ALCO Animal Control for expert animal control in NJ, you'll receive the service and information you need to keep animals out.

So what kind of animals should you look out for this spring? We've compiled a few four-legged friends known to take up space in, or under, your home.

Opossum Control in NJ

Just to get one thing out of the way, opossums are rarely the community nuisance people think of them as. They won't often tip over garbage cans, instead foraging the ground for garbage, fruit, or insects. Additionally, opossums are not aggressive, though they have defense mechanisms that allow them to appear fierce.

With that out of the way, opossums are nocturnal animals and prefer dark spaces. In spring, you might find opossums "denning" under your porch or deck. If you notice a hole under your deck or patio, lightly fill it with leaves or other soft material. An opossum will push this out of the way to regain their entryway, letting you know you have visitors.

If you come close to an opossum, it might start hissing at you. Don't panic! These creatures are afraid of you and, if they become more scared, will simply play dead over showing aggression. Still, do not approach the opossum. Instead, call us for humane animal control in NJ and we'll remove the den without delay.

Raccoon Control in NJ

We made mention earlier that opossums typically won't knock over your garbage can. Usually, raccoons are the culprits. Raccoons will find safety wherever they can get to, and their craftiness can make it difficult to notice their new-found residence. Whether they are in your basement, attic, or elsewhere, raccoons should be left alone if spotted. Instead, call for animal control in NJ immediately.

Raccoons can carry rabies and can become aggressive if provoked. Keep a distance from the creature and call us. We will find their entry point, remove them from your home, and seal the point to prevent future occurrence. 

Squirrel Control in NJ

If there are trees, there are squirrels. The most common native animal to New Jersey, we usually yell at squirrels to get out of the way from our car windows. Squirrels can make their way into the home through various means, including power lines, holes in siding, and your roof. 

If you notice sounds from your walls, attic, or vents, you might have an infestation. You can also tell squirrels are in your home if you see squirrel droppings or notice garden plants are being eaten. When provoked, squirrels can become aggressive, so it is best to leave their removal to professionals.

There are many types of animals whose "spring awakening" can have you thinking you're in a nightmare. We expertly remove the following animals from your property:

Have us perform spring cleaning and remove animals from your property. Our experts have the skills, knowledge, and experience to relieve you of the stress without delay!

For more information about professional animal control in NJ, call ALCO Animal Control at (973) 540-9944.

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