Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bats Control in NJ

It's summer, and while it brings visions of cannonball-jumping and BBQs, few think of bats taking refuge in your home or office. Alco provides safe bats control in NJ to remove these little guys from your home and provide comfort and safety to you and loved ones. After all, the only time a bat is a welcomed visitor is when it is proceeded by "man".

Bats can become a real bane to your home because while they are a non-aggressive animal, they can get quite defensive when spotted. In NJ, we are accustomed to seeing two varieties of bats: big brown bats and little brown bats - no, the names aren't very imaginative. But big brown bats pose more danger to your home and family than little brown bats because of their higher rates of rabies. You can tell a big brown bat by its large wingspan, approximately 14 inches, and their large colonies (sometimes up to 200!) typically spreading to homes and buildings during the spring and summer. Little brown bats, while a nuisance that can enter your home, typically prefer hibernation in mines.

You might not notice bats in your home until you take a trip to your attic, where they are known to hibernate because of an its warmth and darkness. Unlike the old saying, bats are not actually blind and disturbing them may cause panic - in you and the bat. When you see one, or a few, exit your attic immediately and call for bats control in NJ. Bats pose many benefits to nature, and without immediate removal they may die in your attic.

When our expert team comes for 24-hour bats control in NJ, we safely remove and relocate the bat, or bats, living in your home. We believe in humane bats control in NJ, especially because of their declining numbers. The only way to prevent future disturbances is to "bat-proof" your home, and we can help.

Bats control in NJ is one of many services we provide to home and business owners. Some of our other services include:

For fast and professional bats control in NJ performed by a dedicated team of knowledgable experts who care about the safety of you, your home, and the animals we remove, call Alco Animal Control today at (973) 540-9944.

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