Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Squirrel Removal in NJ

Unless you call for squirrel removal in NJ, your scared, furry visitor may cause some serious damage to your home. Our professionals take pride in humanely removing squirrels from your attic or house, wherever they may be, and letting them free elsewhere. With years of experience in animal and pest removal, we know how to lure these critters from your home and quickly provide squirrel removal in NJ. Afterall, a wild squirrel racing around your living room is enough to drive you nuts.

Squirrels are a very smart critter, capable of hording food supplies for future consumption (usually from your garden or bird feeder) or squeezing into small crevices into your attic. Their agility makes them very difficult to capture, and typically leads to a hapless battles of wits against the furry little acrobats. Squirrels are notorious chewers - you might be picturing their puffy little cheeks chewing away right now - but they can chew through wires causing serious damage to your home and fatal injury to themselves. Our squirrel removal in NJ service can remove squirrels before they get into the walls and create havoc.

A squirrel trapped in your home wants nothing more than to get out. When scared, they can become hostile and bite if cornered, so it's best not to try to remove them yourself. Sometimes our squirrel removal in NJ service sets up a one-way door so they can find their way out without being allowed back in. Rather than battling with the squirrel, we can try to encourage them to leave on their own accord - afterward sealing the entry point(s). Once the squirrel leaves or is caught, we will take the steps to prevent further furry intrusions in your home.

We provide professional squirrel removal in NJ to the following areas:

...and many more counties in NJ. Our knowledge, expertise, and equipment are sure to get rid of a squirrel in your home. For more information about our squirrel removal in NJ, call us today at (201) 261-7566.

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