Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bed Bug Control in NJ: Should You Use a Bed Bug Dog?

In an effort to control bed bugs in NJ, our State Assembly has reintroduced a bill that cites a "500 percent" increase in bed bug populations in recent years. Such a jump in the presence of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) has introduced various methods to prevent and eradicate home and building infestations. One such method has been the introduction of bed bug dogs - pups who have been trained to "sniff out" bed bugs for quick confirmation of eggs and hiding places. But does the hefty price tag warrant using a bed bug dog for bed bug control in NJ?

Bed bug dogs are trained to detect the scent of bed bugs - typically associated with rotting raspberries. When used, bed bug dogs are brought into a home and sniff out problems, barking or scratching when they detect bed bugs. Measures are then taken for bed bug control in NJ, the pest control gets to work, and the infestation is removed.

In recent studies, "false alerts" have been found when using bed bug dogs for bed bug control in NJ - for various reasons. In some instances, the bed bug dogs were not properly trained, and they were not actually detecting the presence of bed bugs, but of different pests. This is worthwhile in a way, as any presence of pests in the home need to be removed before they cause damage to your health and home.

In other instances, the dogs had been trained properly, but were quick to "bark out" a bed bug problem because the bed bug dogs knew that a positive alert led to a treat reward. After the positive alert had informed bed bug dog handlers of an infestation, they sometimes had problems finding any bed bugs at all; in these instances, rendering the costly service ineffective for bed bug control in NJ.

In scenarios where a bed bug dog returns a positive alert to the presence of bed bugs, it is in your best interest to ask for visible proof from the handler. If the bed bug dog has accurately detected an infestation or hiding place, the handler should easily be able to find and show you a live bed bug or carcass. If they cannot, we can provide a second opinion using our trusted methods and knowledge of bed bugs.

Our services providing bed bug control in NJ feature free inspections and proper identification of the insect; we can find and show you where the insects reside. Our pest professionals take action for bed bug control once an infestation has been established. Our methods require at least 2 treatments to eradicate bed bugs, using a combination of temperature control and safe chemical agents.

When you think you might need bed bug control in NJ, we provide the latest equipment, practices, and hold ourselves to high standards in bed bug removal. Our concern is making your home comfortable again, providing you with peace you deserve and a full night's rest.

For more information about bed bug control in NJ or our other pest control in NJ services, please call us today at (201) 261-7566.

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